"Caught With Their Pants Down"

AUTHOR: Serena

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SYNOPSIS: Buffy's bored and wants to play. Who's Angel to resist the Slayer?

DISCLAIMER: ::glare:: I refuse to take credit for episodes like "The 'I' in Team", "Goodbye Iowa" and "Where The Wild Things Are"...actually, I refuse to take credit for Season 4 altogether. They're Joss'. End of story.

RATING: NC-17 for consensual sex.


TIMELINE: Well, if I had my way this would have happened long ago, but we'll say in the not-too-distant future.

SPOILERS: *Very* vague spoilers for Buffy Season 5 and Angel Season 2. It takes place in my own little world where there's no clause. Angel's soul is permanent and Buffy's living with him in the hotel. Take that, Joss.

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Made-To-Order fic for Janice. One "plotless, utterly fluffy B/A smut" fic coming right up! She gave me the idea and I ran with it. Beware.

FEEDBACK: I'm letting Buffy and Angel screw! Show me some love, people!

DEDICATION: To the best beta and a great friend. Happy 23rd, Janice. :-)


Angelllll," Buffy whined, a pout gracing her beautiful face as she hopped up onto the counter in the lobby of the Hyperion and sighed dramatically. Said vampire, who looked up briefly at his name, was hunched over his desk filling out a report for a case they'd just finished.

He didn't dignify her whine with an answer. Sighing again just for the added effect, she twisted her lithe body around and rested her weight on her hands, shooting a dirty look at her lover. Feeling her eyes piercing him, Angel looked up and was greeted with a look of mixed annoyance and boredom on his beloved's face.

"What?" he asked nonchalantly, turning back to his work again to hide the smirk that tugged at his lips. He could picture her fuming at his lack of attention, but when he didn't hear or feel her move any closer his curiosity took over and he looked at her again.

Still sitting with her neck craned, her body twisted and braced on her hands, she was quite the picture. Hair streamed golden and flowing down her back, spilling over her shoulders, the strappy cerulean blue dress she wore showing an ample amount of cleavage and making her tanned skin appear luminous.

As enticing as she looked, though, he had work to do.

"Angel, I'm bored," she stated with a flip of her hair. His eyes flickered up to drink her in again--quickly to ensure that he wouldn't be too distracted--before he bent his head over his desk to inspect something Cordelia had written about a case, briefly wondering why he had let her handle it.

"What do you want me to do about it?" the vampire asked as he wrinkled his brow. Which one had been the 'Nicholas Cage look-a-like with bad teeth and in desperate need of a facial' demon?

"Make me unbored," Buffy snapped playfully, leaning over further to expose more of her cleavage.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Angel seemed to still be completely absorbed in his work and his lack of interest was making Buffy impatient. Usually *she* was the one pushing *him* away. Ah well, the challenge was half the fun.

"We could do something together," she suggested, arching an eyebrow.

Angel barely acknowledged her as he said, "I'm kind of busy right now, Buffy. I need to get this stuff done and then try to sort through the mess that Cordelia's created in the filing cabinet--try being the operative word."

"Work, work, work, that's all you do," Buffy griped as she shifted the bulk of her light weight from one arm to the other.

"I do run a business, Buffy, it kinda comes with the territory. Besides, I don't work all the time and you know it. This morning's shower ringing any bells? Or how about the 'alarm clock' thing?" Angel reminded her as he scanned over what he'd written and, with a satisfied nod, closed the file. Buffy smiled broadly at the memory, her eyes tracking her lover hungrily as he rose from his desk and went over to the filing
cabinet to drop the folder on top of the small pile that had accumulated.

"But Angel," she protested, "that was this morning. It's afternoon now!"

Chuckling, he strode out of his office with a half-filled watering can in his hand. Buffy twisted back around to watch him as he went over to the plants by the stairs, checking to make sure they had enough water. Silently glad that he was facing away from her so that she wouldn't see the tell-tale bulge that showed just how much he wanted to "play," he busied himself with the plants for a moment or two longer.

"Come on, baby, it'll be fun. You can break out the Kama Sutra, we can test my Slayer flexibility for a few hours..." Buffy said, a twinkle in her eye as she uncrossed her legs and leaned back, bracing her weight once more on her hands.

"Tempting," Angel said thoughtfully, his eyes straying to her for a second. Buffy chose that moment to spread her legs a bit, feeling the short skirt of her dress slide further up her thighs and hoping it was enough to show Angel that she'd forgone underwear after their escapades in the shower.

He'd known that from the moment she'd walked down the stairs, but decided not to comment on it for fear of the verbal foreplay that would inevitably start from it. As much as he wanted to make love to her...he had work to do.

Right. Work.

He had to do work, not Buffy.

Angel walked up to the counter and reached over, groping for the stack of folders he'd left on one of the lower shelves behind it and giving Buffy a nice view of his ass as he did so. She shifted, rubbing her thighs together unconsciously and trying to subtly scoot closer to him.

As he turned to walk away she lashed out with her legs, drawing him to her backwards. Her arms snaked around his chest as she cradled his back to her chest, wrapping her legs around his hips to effectively trap him in place. He could have broken away from her if he'd tried...but why would he want to do something like that?

"C'mon, baby, just a quickie?" she asked as she peppered kisses along his shirt collar, digging the back of her heel into his erection lightly. Angel chuckled and brought his free hand up to cover hers, lifting one to his lips for a soft kiss as she propped her chin up on his shoulders and tilted her head back to look at him.

"Later, love," the vampire said, evading her as she reached for his hard manhood. Before she had a chance to try again he'd moved away from her, easily plowing through the circle of her arms and going over, folders in hand, to sink into the circular couch in the center of the room.

He was facing her. Perfect.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked innocently after a minute as she spread her legs further, making her dress ride up more so that Angel could see her wet thighs and glistening sex. Angel knew her game, of course, and was more than willing to play.

That didn't mean he was giving in without making her squirm a little.

"Going over the past week's cases. Who was the 'Woman Who Wore Fake Armani' again?" he asked, reading over Cordelia's notes.

Buffy glowered at him. "Claire Schneider," she told him as she swung her legs back and forth, trying to get his attention.

"Thanks," Angel said as he made a note, crossing his legs comfortably to create a table-like surface for him to work on. Buffy stared at him in frustration as he worked for a few minutes, never glancing at her. She knew he knew what she wanted and could tell how ready she was for him; vampire-enhanced senses worked well in that regard.

Finally, when it appeared that she had no other options, she shimmied around on the counter top to make her dress ride up fully, then spread her thighs as far apart as she could and swung her legs up, resting her high-heeled feet on the counter. Angel watched the whole thing from where he sat, his eyes flashing golden as she bared herself fully to him. His lover was more than ready for him, her inner thighs slick with her honey, her sex peeking out from her sopping curls, reddened with her heightened blood flow.

"Come on, baby, you've been working so hard. Don't you want a snack?" she called huskily as she offered herself to him, arching her back and tossing her sun-kissed hair behind her.

In a flash he was in front of her, his lips violently seeking hers as his arms slipped around her thin waist to pull her flush up against him. "I've got more *pressing* issues," he mumbled against her mouth, driving his rock-hard cock against her in emphasis, "that'll have to wait until later."

Angel ground his erection against her as their tongues dueled for dominance. He gained the upper hand and forced her into submission, their lips making wet squelching noises as they kissed hungrily. A breathy sigh escaped her lips as her legs slid off the counter top to wrap around his hips--only to have Angel catch
her ankles and push them back into their original position.

"I like you better like this, all open," he whispered as he nibbled on her ear and wormed three fingers into her heat, earning a squeal from her. "Besides, you promised we could try out that Slayer flexibility that I love so."

Returning her legs to where they had been, she grinned as he scrapped his teeth against his mark on her neck. "Where's the book?" she asked, groping around behind her for it.

"We don't need the damn book, I've had the whole thing memorized in five different languages since we got back together. I just want to make love to you right here."

"Make love or fuck?" she panted as he sucked on her neck, leaving what she was sure would turn out to be a huge hickey in his wake. He growled at her bluntness and pushed himself against her sex as he removed his fingers from her, feeling her juices seep through the thin cotton of his black pants.

"Well, when you give me the option...I've always wanted to *fuck* you on the counter," Angel growled, bowing his head to nip at the taut pebbled nipple that jutted out angrily against the fabric of her dress.

"So then enough with the foreplay," Buffy shot back impatiently, her hands straying down to undo his belt and get his pants out of the way. Together they unfastened the button and unzipped his slacks, pushing them off his lean hips. They tangled slightly at his knees and stayed there, far enough down to not get in the way but not completely off. "Get on with the fucking."

"Ooh, demanding today, aren't we? Maybe I should punish you for that," he teased as he rubbed his erection against her soft folds.

"Spanking later," she said as she grabbed hold of his thick penis and dragged it along her sex with more force, batting at his silk shirt which was slightly obstructing her. Angel groaned as her tiny hand encircled him and she smiled smugly. "See? Going commando saves so much time."

"I hope that wasn't a Riley-pun," he warned as he slid into her incredibly tight heat, making her scream at the invasion.

"Why. Do. You. Always. Bring. Him. Into. This!" she cried with each pump of his hips. "Fuck..."

"That's what we're doing, baby," Angel said as he clenched his jaw at the feel of her silken walls drawing him in again and again. She was impossibly tight considering all the times they'd made love since they had gotten back together, and so hot that he sometimes wondered how she didn't give him first-degree burns. His eyes nearly crossed in pleasure as he managed to slow his thrusts, pulling out so only the plump head of his engorged cock was in her before impaling her again.

Her feet stayed obediently grounded on the counter top as he sawed into her repeatedly. Buffy felt as though she was being split in half by his powerful thrusts and loved the hint of pain that accompanied the mind-numbing pleasure.

She bucked her hips against his, countering him perfectly as she hooked her arms around his broad shoulders and crushed his chest to hers, kissing and nipping at his lips. He slid in and out of her tiny body, shivering at the sensations the friction of their bodies was causing. Building their pleasure together they rocked against one another, Buffy's honey gushing generously from her body to coat Angel's upper thighs and the wiry hair that covered his heavy balls.

Pulling her to the edge of the counter allowed him to sink even deeper into her hot recesses. Buffy's breath was hot on his neck as she panted loudly, moaning and writhing against him like a thing possessed. His pubic bone rubbed against her distended clit with each pump of his hips, adding to her pleasure.

They were almost at their peaks when a horrified shriek interrupted their passion.

"Oh my GOD! My eyes! I think they're going to explode..." Cordelia Chase cried as she quickly turned away from the sight of her boss and her sometimes-friend (she and Buffy had never been on the best terms) going at it on the counter.

"I thought I gave you the day off," Angel grunted as he pulled Buffy against him possessively, feeling her inner walls ripple around him.

"You did!" she replied, shielding her eyes with both hands in an attempt to drive the images away. "I thought I'd come in and help file, you know, be the good little employee."

"Why don't you make like the good little employee, then, and leave. I really wanna cum," Buffy moaned as her legs slipped from their position on the counter. She wrapped them snugly around Angel's hips, moaning as he shifted inside of her.

"Stop moaning! Angel, get off of her!"

"Don't you mean get out?" Buffy teased as Angel brought his hands up to her face, tunneling them through her silky hair.

"Get off, get out, just stop screwing in front of me! And on the counter of all places! You couldn't make it up to your room, could you? Nooo, of course not," Cordelia muttered angrily, her cheeks rosy with embarrassment. "Did you at least put newspaper down?"

"We're having sex, Cordelia, not trying to train a puppy," Angel said as he desperately tried to keep from spilling himself. It was torture to be inside her and not move, feeling her inner walls shift and suck him in deeper.

"Well, I am NOT going to be cleaning your mess up. Not like I'm going to be using that counter *ever* *again* for *anything*. I won't even be able to look at it--stop moaning! And-and thrusting! I hear squelchy noises and it's making me sick!" the brunette cried, trying to decide whether she should risk covering her ears with her hands and keeping her eyes closed. "You're getting my therapy bill!"

"Cordelia, look. We're kind of in the middle of something here," Angel punctuated his sentence with a sharp thrust, making Buffy buck and arch against him, "so if you don't mind..."

"Oh, I most definitely *do* mind! I'm not getting paid enough for this," Cordelia retorted hotly, finding the stucco wall before her fascinating. "It's bad enough Gunn, Wes, and I have to *hear* you guys every morning--yes, the walls DO have ears--metaphorical ears, mind you, real ones would be way gross--but now to see it? I'm scarred for life."

"Come on, Cor, it's not like you've never watched porn before," Buffy teased, her voice breathy as Angel moved inside of her again.

"Porn and live-action screwage are two *totally* different things!"

Angel grunted as Buffy clamped down on his cold cock and he knew that if Cordelia didn't leave soon she'd be even more "scarred". "Cordelia, feel free to leave any second now," he said as he pushed back into his lover's yielding body again.

"Or five minutes ago," Buffy added as she combed her fingers through the fine hairs at the base of his neck.

"Oh no," Cordelia retorted, gathering all her courage and looking at the couple. Angel's pants were down around his knees, his silk shirt thankfully covering his nudity, and Buffy's legs were wrapped around his hips, her high-heeled feet crossed behind him. "I'm not going until I get a raise."

Buffy cocked an eyebrow at her in shock. "Not really the best conversation to have at the moment."

"Well, it's not every day I walk in to find my boss with his pants down, screwing you on the counter--although, come to think of it, I really am surprised it's never happened before. It's called blackmail, Buff, and I intend to use it," Cordelia said smugly, crossing her arms over her chest and keeping eye contact with the blond Slayer.

"Cordelia! Leave!" Angel cried hoarsely. He threw her a look over his shoulder and saw she had no intention of going anywhere. Sighing, he scooped Buffy up in his arms and said, "Fine. If you won't leave, we will."

Buffy got the hint and tightened her thighs, keeping him firmly in place inside of her. She clung to him like a monkey as he lifted her and stepped away from the counter slowly to keep his balance. He rubbed up against her inner walls and hit her g-spot a few times as he stepped further away. Making sure he wasn't going to drop her, he loosed one hand and reached down, drawing his pants up so they wouldn't hinder his movements.

"Oh God," Buffy moaned as she felt him twist inside of her.

"You're the one who wanted to test out your flexibility," Angel reminded her with a grin. She groaned at his husky tone and tightened her grip on him, clamping down hard on his aching erection with her vise-like muscles.

"Where are you going?!" Cordelia asked in shock as she watched them slowly make their way over to the stairs.

"Somewhere that you aren't," Buffy teased, winking at her. Feeling his pants slide down again, Buffy snaked a hand down between their bodies and grasped them firmly, making sure they stayed in place.

"What about my raise?!" Cordelia shouted after them. Angel mounted the first stair and slipped out of Buffy, their Slayer agility and vampiric strength combined not being able to withstand that kind of movement. Buffy whimpered loudly and buried her face
in the crook of his neck, pushing her lower body against him in vain.

"We'll talk about it later, Cordy," Angel called over his shoulder as he crushed his long, hard cock against her, the base of it rubbing against her clit and his balls slapping her ass. High-pitched squeaks escaped her half-parted lips at the sensations and she ground herself against him with passionate fervor, wanting desperately to reach her peak.

"Don't think I'm going to just forget this! I saw you two having sex! *With* noises! And...and naked-Angel legs! I've been scarred! I've--"

Still climbing the stairs, Buffy and Angel looked at each other for a moment, smirking. "GO HOME, CORDELIA!" they shouted together.

"Hmph," she said, narrowing her eyes at the retreating couple. "Fine! But this is not over! And clean up *my* counter space!" Under her breath, she added, "Damn, I really need to find a guy who can do that for me."

Awkwardly Angel continued to climb the stairs, nearly mindless in his need for release. Buffy clung to him, whimpering and moaning with each step. "Oh God..." she moaned when he slipped and almost fell, driving him against her even harder, coming close to penetrating her.

The door slammed shut below them, leaving Buffy and Angel alone once again. He was almost near the top when Buffy began licking and nipping at his neck, knowing it drove him crazy. It had the desired affect and Angel moaned loudly, arching his head to the side to give her better access. Grinning against his skin, she nibbled and bit down on the smooth column under her before moving over to suck on his Adam's apple.

At the top of the stairs, distracted by her ravishing, Angel tripped and went down, taking Buffy with him. He tried to spare her the brunt of him weight, cushioning her fall with his large hands and taking the brunt of it on his knees. As soon as they hit the floor he was inside of her again, pumping wildly into her. Buffy screamed at the penetration and bucked her hips, aiding in his thrusts.

"Cordelia is *so* dead," she grunted as she met Angel again and again, the head of his huge cock touching the mouth of her womb. He chuckled before gripped her legs, pulling them up his chest and throwing them over his shoulders.

Screaming as she crashed over the edge, she felt Angel slide even deeper and strained against him. Waves of hot pleasure swept through her over and over again as he continued to thrust into her, hot tears leaking down her beautiful face as he slid in, deep and hard.

"Oh God, harder, Angel, harder! YesyesyesyesYES!" Buffy screamed, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. He felt her tight core clench around him as another orgasm swept through her, leaving the Slayer limp and motionless below him. Angel continued to move inside of her, his body craving release.

He turned his head to the side, nipping and licking at the sweat that slid down her calves. Their eyes locked and his flickered golden before his face changed. Buffy reached up and traced the ridges on his forehead as her pleasure began to build again.

"Come with me, baby," Angel whispered as he wormed a hand between their bodies, playing with her clit and feeling himself being rhythmically engulfed and released.

"I...I can't," she whimpered, the pleasure so intense, her body so tired.

"Sure you can," Angel smirked, "Slayer stamina has to be good for something."

"Uhh...ohh God, Angel!" Buffy screamed as he leaned down, squashing her body beneath his, and licked away the sweat on her throat before biting down, his fangs piercing her silky skin.

The minute her blood hit his tongue he came, jerking uncontrollably into her and bathing her hot walls with his cool seed. He roared in satisfaction as her lifeblood slid down his throat and he took a few swallows before releasing her. They laid quietly on the floor for a few moments, Buffy panting beneath him.

Gently removing her legs from his shoulders, Angel's now-soft cock slipped out of her hot body. Buffy whimpered at the loss and reached for him, drawing him down into the circle of her arms. Cool flesh met sweaty skin as they lay together, Angel pressing soft kisses on her bare shoulder.

"I hope you're happy," he grumbled playfully as he sat up, drawing her with him.

"Oh, I am," Buffy returned with a happy sigh, detaching herself from her lover. She straightened her sweat-soaked dress and ran her fingers through her rumpled hair before flashing him a bright smile. "You?"

"Let's just say it's a good thing the clause is not an issue," Angel said as he tugged her to him, wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in her hair.

"Cordelia's going to get us for this, you do realize that, right?" she mumbled.

"Uh huh."

"Wanna go again?"

"Uh huh. Just give me a minute to recover."

Buffy pulled back to look at him, a twinkle in her eye. "I guess that vamp stamina isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Angel sheathed himself inside of her again. "I beg to differ."



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