by Yseult deBreton


RATING: NC-17 for naughtiness (of the sexual kind)
TIMELINE: Sometime after
Restless and To Shanshu from LA. Dont ask me where Riley is. I have no clue, and I didnt look real hard.
SUMMARY: Smutty B/A fluff. What? You expected a plot?
S NOTES (1): Sharon Jane, this is for you. See? I can write non-angsty B/A!
AUTHOR'S NOTES (2): Lyrics are in italics.
DISTRIBUTION: My website, Yseult
s Passion ( and my permission. Although why youd want this is beyond me.
m Joss Whedon! Lyrics are from Come Away with Me by Norah Jones.

Buffy walked up the steps to her front door and gathered the rose bouquet into her arms. She buried her face in its fragrant petals and closed her eyes. Above the sweet scent, she could smell a mans cologne. She smiled. He had delivered the flowers himself.

She inserted her key into the lock on her front door, turned it, and entered her house. Buffy went into the kitchen where she spent five minutes opening and closing cupboard doors in a fruitless search for a vase. She was so completely focussed on her mission, she was oblivious to her mothers presence in the doorway.

Its on the dining room table, her mother said amusedly.

Gaaarrrggghh! screamed Buffy as she dropped the flowers and spilled her purse. Where did you come from?

Joyce laughed. Arent Slayers supposed to have enhanced senses? I was watching TV in the living room. You walked right past me.

They do. You were? I didnt notice. Roses. Buffy stammered and waved her hand at the strewn flowers. Which are now all over the floor.

With the insides of your purse, added her mother. Whats this? She held up a foil-wrapped package. It looks

not like what you think it is, said Buffy as she grabbed it out of her mothers hand and hurriedly picked up the other items. Ow. Thats not very nice.

Tell me youre talking to the roses, Joyce called from the dining room. Youre a little young for senility. And condoms, in case you thought I hadnt noticed. She walked back into the kitchen with a crystal vase. Those will look very nice in this. Whos your secret admirer? Anyone I know?

Buffy shrugged her shoulders. There wasnt a card. She filled the vase with water and began to arrange the roses.

Joyce looked at her daughter appraisingly. Oh no. Youre not fooling me, young lady. Im your mother. I know you. And you know who these are from. She leaned against the counter and folded her arms across her chest. And more importantly, she added, I can nag.

Buffy rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. Oh, all right. Since you insist. Theyre from Giles. Why doesnt this look right? She cocked her head to one side and grimaced at the flower-filled vase.

Joyce shook her head and copied her daughters sigh. Here. Let me fix it. She cut several stems and rearranged some of the greenery. Better? she asked.

Yeah, Mom. Thanks. Buffy took the vase from her mother. I think Ill put these in my room. Right after I change into my pajamas that are in the laundry that I forgot to put in the dryer before I left. Great.

That might not be a good idea, Buffy. Joyce offered as her daughter stomped down the basement stairs.

Why not? Buffys voice was muffled by the dryer. Oooo. Warm pajamas! I love you, Mom! Her mother smiled and then grinned.

Well. This is just my opinion, but if I was Angel and you waved some other mans gift in my face? Id probably leave. Joyces voice floated down to the basement. She waited and was rewarded with the sound of feet racing up the stairs.

What did you just say? Buffy asked breathlessly.

I said, if I was Angel her mother began.

Angels here?

Well, Mr. Giles certainly isnt here. Although I dont understand why he wouldnt want to give you these beautiful flowers in person. Isnt he a little old for you? Well, I mean hes not as old as Angel but-- Joyces face was mock-serious.

MOTHER! Buffy said in exasperation.

Her mother smiled sweetly. Angels here. Hes in the living room. You walked by him too. She noted her daughters panicked expression. Dont worry. I behaved myself. In fact, we had a very pleasant conversation.

Buffy still looked fearful. Mom, I look like crap. She was wearing her favourite cow-print flannel pajamas.

Joyces face softened and she stroked her daughters face. No, honey, you look fine. I honestly dont think hes going to notice what youre wearing. Buffy looked skeptical. Go on. Hes waiting.

Come away with me in the night

Buffy carried the vase into the living room. Angel, she breathed.

He rose from the couch, his familiar half-smile drawing her further into the room. Buffy, he echoed. His eyes swept up and down her pajama-clad body. You look

like a cow? Buffy quipped.

Angel laughed. Yes, but thats not what I was gonna say. You look well.

Joyce poked her head into the living room.
Tomorrow is inventory day, so Im going to turn in. Angel, it was nice to see you again. Buffy, dont forget its garbage day tomorrow. Good night. They heard the floorboards creak as she ascended the stairs.

Good night, they chorused.

Buffy turned to Angel. Thanks for the flowers, she said shyly. Theyre beautiful. She placed them on the coffee table and sat at one end of the couch. Angel sat at the other end.

You mean the ones that Giles got you? he grinned wickedly.

Ohhhhhh, she groaned. How much did you hear? She hid her face in her hands.

Enough. He couldnt resist the temptation. Buffy, why are there condoms in your purse?

Her head shot up and she gave him a wide-eyed look. You heard the whole thing? I need an apocalypse. Right now. Please.

Are you seeing someone? Angel was hesitant. It wasnt that he thought she was waiting around for him to reappear in her life. He had just assumed she wasnt seeing anyone seriously.

No. Buffys throat miraculously produced sounds.

Then why the condoms? Angel knew it wasnt any of his business.

Well just in case you know theyre for her voice trailed off. It was bad enough that she was wearing cow pajamas. Now she was trying to justify contraceptives in her purse.

I know what theyre for, Buffy. He watched her face redden further and decided to save her. If theres someone else, I dont want to He chose his words carefully. I dont want to get in the way.

She shook her head vigorously. Youre not in the way. There isnt someone. In fact, theres no one. She held her breath.

Good, he responded. I mean its good that there isnt someone. Not that I want you to be lonely. You should be dating someone. Angel sighed deeply and stared at his hands. Think I can get an apocalypse?

Buffy wrinkled her brow. Do they make multiple apocalypses?

Angel shrugged his shoulders. I dont know. But I bet you could do some serious damage with those pajamas. Her giggle was infectious and they laughed together.

She played with the hem of her pajama shirt. Well, I wasnt expecting you. You usually call. Whats with the personal visit, Angel? Not that Im not glad to see you and everything but why are you here? Is the world ending again? Im getting so sick of that. Okay, and any minute now Im gonna shut up. She blushed again. Angel could still reduce her to a babbling idiot.

Come away with me
And I will write you a song

The dark-haired vampire stood and walked to the bookshelf. He picked up a picture of Buffy and her mother; one finger traced Buffys face. He heard the couch springs squeak as Buffy rose from the chair.

Angel? She stood behind him. Angel, whats wrong? Whats happened?

He continued to stare at the picture in his hand. Nothings wrong.

She stepped closer until mere inches separated them. Tell me.

Angel returned the picture to its place and rested his hands on the edge of the shelf.

I miss you, he said simply. He felt her head against his back and heard her breathe. He closed his eyes and imagined his fingers running through her soft golden hair.

Me too, she whispered. But I thought we werent gonna do this. She was aching to slip her hands around his body and pull him close to her. They hadnt touched each other since Graduation Day.

Come away with me on a bus

I know, he whispered back. I just needed to see you. Angel dropped one hand to his side. It brushed her pajamas. Its hard being away from you. His fingers found her hand; his thumb stroked her knuckles.

Angel turned to face her. I can leave if you want. As he spoke he drew her closer.

Buffy swallowed audibly. Leaving would probably be a good idea, she spoke huskily. If you stay She relaxed into his embrace.

If I stay Angel raised an eyebrow and bent his head to hers. What happens if I stay?

Buffys answer was the tip of her tongue unconsciously wetting her lips before Angels lips met hers. She closed her eyes and felt his cool tongue patiently outline her lips, then push past them to enter her mouth. In an achingly slow movement, his tongue swept the inside of her mouth and touched each tooth. When it found hers, she moaned. It was as if she had waited her whole life for this kiss.

Angel pulled her even closer. One arm wrapped around Buffys waist and held her upper body. The other tangled in her hair caressing her head. She smelt like laundry detergent, shampoo, and vanilla. She smelt like home. Angel broke the kiss to nuzzle at her neck. God, I missed you, he repeated.

Buffy smiled into his shirt. I missed this. She ran one hand over his muscled chest. Id forgotten how good your kisses were.

Come away where they cant tempt us
With their lies

Her former lover grumbled into her hair, I could never forget how good you taste. He continued to nuzzle her neck and hair. Then he paused. Want to know what else I remember?

Buffy looked up at him. He had a devilish grin that usually meant trouble. Im almost afraid to ask. And remember my mother is upstairs.

Come here, he said as he led her back to the couch. He sat down and motioned for her to sit on his lap. Angel looked at her and beamed. Buffy smiled back at him and waited. His grin grew wider. She began to get nervous as his hand made clockwise circles on her back.


Kiss me, he commanded. Buffy bent her head and gently kissed him on his forehead, his cheeks, the tip of his nose, and finally his mouth. She had intended for this kiss to be slow and gentle too, but his passion overpowered her and she was caught up.

The kiss was endless. Angel didnt need to breathe, but he would release her lips long enough for Buffy to inhale. Then he would drown her again. As they kissed, hands roamed over backs, ploughed through hair, caressed cheeks. When they broke apart, Buffys chest heaved as she took great gulps of air.

I remember kissing you as if the world was ending, said Angel quietly.

Thats because the world usually was, rejoined Buffy with a laugh. I cant believe were making out in my mothers living room. She looked around the room a little dazedly. What else do you remember? she inquired.

Angel laughed. Is this a test?

Lets just say you dont get to pass Go unless you have the right answers, Buffy insinuated. In case Angel didnt know what she was talking about, she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her pajama top and revealed the bare skin beneath it. Consider this a bribe, she added as she pulled her top to the side and partially exposed her right breast.

Thats not a bribe. Angels eyes fixed on the hint of nipple he could see. Thats blackmail. His hand cupped her breast and squeezed it.

Buffy leaned into his hand. Bribe. Blackmail. What do you care as long as you get the right oooooh, she groaned as his thumb rubbed her nipple.

Angel pounced on her mouth and swallowed it in another long kiss. As he explored her mouth with his tongue, he used his hands to massage her breasts through her clothes. This time Buffy broke the kiss. She rested her head on his shoulder then pleaded, Touch me, Angel.

Her vampire didnt need to be asked twice. He slid his hands under her top and raced for her breasts. Angel gasped as his fingers overflowed with her fullness. He pulled and tweaked each nipple until they were pebbled. Buffy whimpered when he removed one hand to undo the rest of the buttons on her pajama top.

You know what else I remember? said Angel before he licked each nipple. I remember how to make you squeal. He lay her on the couch where he devoured her breasts. He hungrily licked, sucked, and nursed until Buffy keened as an orgasm surged through her body. Angel continued to suck on one nipple as she recovered.

No fair, she pouted. She pulled him on top of her. And thats not what I was talking about. She cradled his body between her legs.

It wasnt? Angel managed to look confused.

Buffy mock-punched him. Dont give me that wide-eyed innocent look. Youre 250-some years old. You remember everything. Youre worse than Giles.

So I dont remember making you squeal? he teased.

She sucked on her bottom lip. Youre just hopeless, you know that?

Thats why you love me, Angel whispered against her lips.

Buffy searched his face. Yes, she loved him. She had never stopped, could never stop. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could feel his weight pressing her into the couch. His toned body sang beneath her fingers. His erection dented her abdomen. She rolled her hips and arched her body against him. Yes. Angel swallowed her in another kiss.

And I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee high

She pushed him off. Why am I the only one half-naked?

Angel chuckled. Is that a problem? You werent complaining a minute ago. He unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. Buffys eyes widened as she hungrily raked his chest. Careful. Youll drool on the rug, he commented. He barely ducked the pillow she threw at him.

Buffy stood and squared her shoulders. Oh, I dont know. Twenty bucks says you drool first. She slid her pajama bottoms to the floor and stepped gracefully out of them. Then she hooked her fingers through the waistband of her thong, pushed it down to her ankles, and kicked it off. She stepped in front of Angel and drew a forefinger over his lips. Whos drooling? she asked huskily as her nails raked his nipples and elicited a low moan from him.

In a blur she was lying on the floor with a heavy vampire poised over her. Angels lips returned to her neck and suckled at the bite mark. Remember, he said hoarsely in her ear, Your mothers upstairs. His mouth kissed a line from her ear to her collarbone to her breastbone to her navel to the patch of hair between her legs. He lifted her thighs over his shoulders and blew a breath of cool air across her sex. That means you have to be very very quiet. On the last word his tongue reached out and barely tasted her clit; his fingers simultaneously pinched each nipple. Buffys lower body left the floor as a hiss escaped her lips.

She was in serious trouble here. She couldnt be quiet, let alone form the concept. I dont think I can do that, Angel, she gasped between the sensual lashes of his tongue as he explored every cell of her sex.

He lifted his head from between her legs. Then youve got a problem, he smirked. His tongue probed her vaginal passage. Her shriek was cut off by Angels hand. On the other hand, he added in a serious tone, I dont think I want to explain to your mother what Im doing. He lowered her thighs and licked her juices from his lips.

Buffy whimpered. But, you didnt I didnt youre gonna leave me like this? She propped herself up on her elbows and gave him a pitiful look.

Like what? he asked innocently. Angel sat back and enjoyed the view of Buffy laying open before him. I like what I see just fine.

She kicked him with her foot. You undress me and kiss me and drive me close to oblivion and and

And what?

Buffy squinted at him. Youre gonna make me beg! she declared.

Mm hmm. Angels smirked back at her.

She sat up completely. Thats not very nice. A person could get very frustrated. Buffy crawled on her hands and knees towards him. When she got there, she knelt before him. She slid her hands up her body until they reached her breasts. She massaged and twisted them and worked the nipples to pebbled peaks with her thumbs. Then she leaned forward and brushed the hard tips against his bare chest. Her tongue licked the dead artery on his neck.

Angel shuddered and groaned.

My mothers upstairs, Buffy sang as she darted out of reach. She shrieked again as he tackled her. His body lay the length of hers.

So wont you try
To come away with me
And we
ll kiss on a mountaintop

I love you, said Angel.

I know, replied Buffy. She undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Take these off and show me.

Angel complied, quickly shedding his pants, socks, and boxers. He lay down beside her and traced her body with his hands. You sure you want to do this on your mothers floor? he inquired. Wouldnt this be more comfortable on a bed?

Buffy laughed at him. You must have a death wish.

No, not anymore than usual. He kissed her earlobes again. Why?

You want to make love to me in the room next to my mothers? Think about that. She ran her warm hands over his cool arms. Besides, this is more exciting. We might get caught. Buffy rested one hand over his nonbeating heart and grew serious. Angel, I just want to be with you. I dont care where. I dont care how. I just want you.

Come away with me
And I
ll never stop loving you

Do you care for how long? Angel asked her, his fingers sliding in and out of her heated sheath.

A while would be nice. Forever would be better. Tonight is okay too. Just as long as I can find the Krazy Glue. For my heart, she answered his unasked question. And no surprises would also be appreciated.

I promise no surprises. Angels fingers swirled the wetness between her legs. May I have this dance? His thumb stroked the sensitive bundle of nerves as his fingers continued to play her body.

Yes, Angel. Always. Buffy opened her arms and pulled him onto her. As he entered her, they both exhaled at the same time and laughed.

Nope, no pressure at all, said Angel. His face softened. I love you, Buffy. I never stopped. I never wanted anyone else but you.

Shh, she whispered and rocked her hips.

They set a languid rhythm. Tongues, fingers, skin all melded together until they were one entity. Buffy climaxed smothering her cries in Angels mouth. For her second orgasm, she sunk her teeth into his shoulder. For her final orgasm, she screamed as Angel poured his dead seed into her body. Fortunately, it was drowned out by Angels roar. At least, thats what they told themselves.

In the end, they lay tangled together on the floor. So, said Buffy, do you think she heard us?

It depends. How much trouble are you in if she did? Angel wondered idly.

What makes you think Im the one in trouble? There are two of us here, Buffy retorted.

Yeah. But shes your mother. And I can run fast, he added.

Maybe. But Moms good. Shell get you before you even leave the house.

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I
m safe there in your arms

I didnt know I could make that sound, giggled Buffy. It was the morning after a passionate night of lovemaking. She sat on the kitchen counter, hemmed in by Angels arms. He kissed her nose before tasting her lips. The kiss deepened until he heard Joyce clear her throat directly behind him. Buffy quickly jumped off the counter.

I didnt know you could make those sounds, her mother commented. Which sounds are we talking about anyway? The ones before or after the deep-throated male vampire roar? And whats that stain on the living room rug? She reached past them for the coffee pot and poured a mug of coffee. Do I need to put something stronger than cream in this?

Mom, I can explain. Angel and I we were um training its been a really long time since weve been able to do any training and we just thought it was a good time to train. And youre not buying any of this, are you? Buffy had started out blushing, cruised past flustered, and was now stuck on desperate.

Angel, do you have anything to add about the training? Joyce looked squarely at the vampire who was trying to cower into the microwave.

No, maam.

Really? Because Im sure I heard some grunting last night. Angel actually blanched. Are you two back together? Buffys mother looked from Angel to Buffy and back to Angel. Well?

No, said Buffy looking at the floor.

Yes, said Angel and reached for Buffys hand.

Which is it? questioned Joyce.

Buffy looked at Angel. I guess its yes? she asked Angel. He nodded at her. Buffys smile split her face. Yes, Mom, were back together. She gave Angel a quick kiss on the lips. His smile matched hers.

Thats good. Im going to work. Joyce finished her coffee and rinsed the mug. She looked at the birds feeding on the worms in the backyard. And, Angel? Break my daughters heart again and Ill be your worst nightmare. Joyce gathered her coat, purse, and keys. Have a good day, you two. Buffy, well talk about this when I get home. Bye.

Buffy waited until the door closed before she squealed and jumped into Angels arms. Really and truly, were together? Well make this work?

I said yes, Angel laughed and kissed her.

Good. Cause I wanna make some more noise. Angel hoisted her over his shoulder and headed for the stairs. Where are we going? Buffy giggled as he negotiated the tight staircase.

Any room where theres a bed. Im getting too old to do it on the floor.

So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me


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