Scribes Of Angel Fiction List


S Is For "Self-Esteem"
By Ralkana
It's hard to have dignity when you're made of felt
[Rating: general] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: NONE]

By Chrislee
Connor is gone. Wes goes to Sunnydale for help.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Spurglie
Buffy and Angel meet in a cemetery, post Becoming
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Shadowscast
Angelus, Drusilla and Spike do very, very naughty things in a church. (A/D/S)
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: SLASH]

By Ralkana
Buffy and Angel discuss their rather busy day after the events of What's My Line?
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Safe As Houses
By Starlet
A lonely night and a light flirtation lead Cordy into something darker and hotter than she ever imagined.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: C/A]

Safe As Houses
By A2zmom
Missing scene from Enemies
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Safe Word
By Chrislee
This is B/A, NC17, bondage and candles. Read at your own risk.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, kink] [Pairing: B/A]

Sally Dances
By Juanita Dark
Angelus only has eyes for Dru, but what happens when both the vampire and the victim are mad?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: DR/A]

Salvaging the Emptiness
By D. L. LePage
Angelus does not get his soul back after the LA team's daring and reckless plan. And the First Evil is willing to make a deal.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, angst, kink] [Pairing: B/A]

Same Time Next Year
By Emma Grant
Angel goes to San Francisco after Cordelia has a vision that Buffy is in danger there, but he finds more trouble than he'd bargained for.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Spyke Raven
In search of safety.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A]

By Starlet
Angel comes face-to-face with his own darkness. In searching for the light, will he destroy everything he loves?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: C/A]

Santa's Sack
By Jo
Sometime in the future. Angel has to do what Angel does best.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

Saved The World But I Never Saved You
By Nyxie
There are some things in life you never get over. This is one of them.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Scent Memory
By Gia
Four years post-Chosen/End of Days; Buffy thinks about Angel.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Scent Of The Slayer
By Maquis Leader
Just how in tune with the Slayer has Angel become?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

By Peasant
Spike learns a lesson from Angelus.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: S/A]

By Ducks
B/A meet again in Los Angeles after two years, and are forced to work together in spite of their reservations to stop a very personal Armageddon.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Sea Change
By Yahtzee
"... everything Angel personifies is everything Lindsey's trying to put behind him by boarding a ship bound for the other side of the world. And Angel has spoiled the plan by climbing aboard himself."
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: SLASH]

By Serena
Buffy and Angel find their way back to one another.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Secret Gods
By Elektra
Cordelia tries to help Angel.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: C/A]

Secrets We Keep
By Chrislee
A little fic circa season 3. Giles and Angel share a secret.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, kink] [Pairing: NONE]

Sense Memory.
By Lynne
Post-apocalyptic grieving makes strange bedfellows. Five senses, one bed, many ghosts. Buffy/Angel/Riley. Spoilers up to the final episode of Angel. Written for Christie.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: MULTIPLE]

Sensual Sensitivity
By Margot Le Faye
What would've happened if Angelus had touched the "talking stick" from Sense and Sensitivity?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: B/A]

Setting Is Everything
By Meltha
Angel is struck by how fitting the dominant setting of his life has been.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Shades of Grey
By LisaP
A 'missing time' piece. What would have happened if the Scoobies had not forgiven Spike for helping Adam, and nobody was prepared to feed him?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: S/A]

Shades Of Solace
By Tinkerbell
Angel finds solace in an unlikely source.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: C/A]

Shadow of Doubt
By Little Heaven
When Cordelia misinterprets a vision the consequences are fatal and her confidence is shattered, putting more lives - including her own- at risk
[Rating: general] [Genre: action, angst] [Pairing: C/A]

Shake The Disease
By Echo
Cordelia's a sickly girl. Angel's naked, ok. Who gives a sh*t about the plot?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: C/A]

Shape And Space
By Dodyskin
A short Spangel, 1,000 wordsish, PG-13ish fic.
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: S/A]

By Ares
A clandestine date. Set sometime after Not Fade Away and Chosen.
[Rating: general] [Genre: action, future] [Pairing: B/A]

Ships That Pass Into Type
By HonorH
How would the characters react if they could read the fan-fiction?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: NONE]

Shiver In The Cold
By Amy
Drusilla/A(us), before she was insane.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: DR/A]

Shock And Disbelief
By D. M. Evans
When Buffy agreed to help the crew move, she never expected this.
[Rating: general] [Genre: love, kink] [Pairing: B/A]

Show And Tell
By Kita, Lynne
This is a coda to our multimedia publication, Excess Hollywood, posted for the grazieprego ficathon. How would the boys react if they saw this magazine? Read on to find out...
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: S/A]

Sides Of The Bed
By Romany
Spike tries to prove a point, bickering ensues.
[Rating: general] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: S/A]

Sign On The Dotted Line
By Chrislee
Angel and Spike bicker and have sex...on a desk.
[Rating: adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: S/A]

Silent Night
By Ares
Written for the Blood Roses Advent Calendar
[Rating: general] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

By Jo
To wear the trousers, or not?
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]

Skin Deep
By Chrislee
Angel needs help dealing with the loss of his son.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Small Illuminated Dying Things
By Glossolalia
"The sky has shores where life is avoided/and there are bodies that shouldn't repeat themselves in the dawn". Buffy/Angel/Oz
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: future, dark] [Pairing: B/A, SLASH]

Smooth Criminal
By Indie, Tango
Buffy is the high school princess. Angel is the high school bad boy.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: au] [Pairing: B/A]

By Jo
Connor is in the Quor-toth, Wesley is out of the hospital, Lilah is out of the bath; someone else isn't happy. Written from Wesley's POV.
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: OTHER]

Snow Angels
By Lamia Archer
Love, honor, and obey, and good things happen.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

By Leni
What if Angel had never lost his soul?
[Rating: general] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

So Lost
By Jill
This is my first after "Smashed"-Fic. Buffy goes to Angel. More would give the whole story away.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Ducks
But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Sole Survivors
By Julie Fortune
This is a very specific "missing time" piece from during and after the episode "Billy," an episode I found especially riveting and powerful.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Some Kind Of Heaven Written In Your Face
By S. J. Smith
Buffy and Angel meet. Need I say more?
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Someone Like You
By Chrislee
Future. Buffy. Angel.
[Rating: general] [Genre: future] [Pairing: B/A]

Something Like Summertime
By Nyxie
She's never had a choice before.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Something To Keep
By Chrislee
Dawn is in a strange place. And she's not alone. (Dawn/Angel)
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: OTHER]

By LAndrews
Written for Psychofilly's challenge - very early S5
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Soul Searching
By Katriena Knights
BtVS/Angel XO. A letter from the re-souled Spike brings Angel to the basement of Sunnydale High, where he learns things he has no desire to know.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Chrislee
Playing games with the First.
[Rating: adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A ]

Spirit And Imagination
By kcarolj65
Buffy and company arrive at the Hyperion, post- Chosen.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Rheanna, Yahtzee
"Listen, there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go."
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: action, au] [Pairing: NONE]

Split The World
By Semby
They'd break down the barriers between time, space and dimensions to have just one more day together.
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst, au] [Pairing: B/A]

By Maren
It's too early in the reunion for company.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

By Vatrixsta Cruden
Everything leaves a mark.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

By Becks
A mini story
[Rating: general] [Genre: love, angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Stars Fall
By Chrislee
Flufforific futurefic.
[Rating: general] [Genre: love, future] [Pairing: B/A]

By Ducks
The way things might have gone if Joss hadn't brought out his big Crappy Story Dustbuster at the end of BtVS season four...
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Stepping Out
By Jane Davitt
Set in early S2. Buffy and Willow conspire; Angel and Xander aren't happy.
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Sticky Night
By Akasha and Seabreeze
Angel, Cordelia and a bottle of maple syrup. The story happens right after the events of **That Vision Thing**
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: C/A]

Still Standing To Spite The Fall
By Maquis Leader
Some people are too stubborn to just fade away.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: action] [Pairing: B/A]

By Sophia Jirafe
Early S5 - A Secret Revealed.
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]

Stolen Moments
By A2zmom
This was written for Carly's kinkathon.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: kink] [Pairing: B/A]

Stopping The Rain
By Diane
A dark look at the fate of the fang gang.
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]

Strange Fruit
By Bulletproof
Buffy eats fruit. Timeless fic.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Study In Darkness and Light
By Hannah R.H
Cordelia watches Angel and thinks of Angelus.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: C/A]

By Ares
A mini story.
[Rating: general] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A]

By Chrislee
Angel reflects on his feelings for Cordelia. And his feelings for Buffy.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Dark Star
After being unexpectedly swept away from Sunnydale, Buffy and Angel must face a dangerous journey home.
[Rating: General] [Genre: action] [Pairing: B/A]

Sustaining Relations
By Evan Como
There's no place like Pltrz Glrb, indeed.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Swan Song
By Diane
Post-The Gift. Post-There's no Place Like Plrtz Glrb. In the wake of Buffy's death, Angel struggles to find the equilibrium he needs to fight the End of Days, but under the uncaring watch of the Powers, all is not as it seems.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A, SLASH]

Sweet Irish Brogue
By Kallie Rose
This has to do with that phrase from Calvary, you know the one...
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: OTHER]

Sweet Sweet Baby
By Ducks
Somewhere in the future, Angel comes home, weary and beaten from patrol. Buffy takes care of him.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

By Femmenerd
Angel opens himself up, and lets Buffy come inside.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

Sympathy for the Devil
By Laure Alexander
Faith's working out in the prison gym and a song brings back unwelcome memories...
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]


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