Scribes Of Angel Fiction List


A Better Kind of Hell
By Kimmy Jarl
Post-NFA. Spike and Angel and a candy. In hell.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst, humour] [Pairing: S/A]

A Brief History Of Time
By Lamia Archer
Now she realizes that, had they never met, she wouldn't be. She'd be some other girl, some other Buffy.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love, au, dark] [Pairing: B/A]

A Broken Hallelujah
By Yseult
Futurefic. 'Love is not a victory march... it's a broken hallelujah'.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

A Candle In The Darkness
By Jeanne Rose
What would Christmas Eve be like for a vampire with a soul?
[Rating: General] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: NONE]

A Christmas Carol
By Ares
Everyone has read Dickens' A Christmas Carol, surely? If not, then the movie? I thoroughly recommend the tale. Don't worry if you haven't, this is nothing like it. Well, maybe it is, just a little.
[Rating: general] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

A Christmas Story
By Lee
Buffy tells her son a story.
[Rating: general] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

A Circle of Currents
By LAndrews
This is Angelfic under a thousand words, post-NFA
[Rating: general] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]

A Cleansing Fire
By Indie
Angel and Buffy Roarke are in the midst of dissolving their marriage, but not everything turns out as planned. Complete AU, everyone is human.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: au] [Pairing: B/A]

A Convenient Marriage
By Gia
Challenge Fic. In order to keep her Irish boyfriend in the country, Cordelia helps arranges his marriage to someone 'non-threatening'.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: au, angst, love] [Pairing: B/A]

A Damn Fine Ride
By Katriena Knights
After Buffy's death, the Watchers' Council resorts to an unusual arrangement regarding Faith.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: OTHER]

A Darkling Plain
By Soo W
A traumatic event makes Angel lose his temper with The PTB's. He decides to find out more about them. His quest takes him back to LA and he meets an old enemy.
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: NONE]

A Day In The Life Of PuppetAngel
By Michael Weaver
What happened between the time Spike came by and Angel went to see Nina in "Smile Time"?
[Rating: General] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: NONE]

A Face So Familiar
By Ducks
Rain's life is pretty ordinary... until she sees a handsome stranger lurking in the crowd, watching her. Her view of the world, of love, and of time itself will never be the same.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A, OTHER]

A Game Of Thrones
By Mad Poetess
Shortly after the mineshaft sequence in Fool For Love.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst, dark] [Pairing: S/A]

A Ghost Story
By Moscow Watcher
What if it was Buffy who wore the amulet?
[Rating: general] [Genre: au] [Pairing: B/A]

A Good Christmas
By Dark Star
Fear not said the Angel, Let nothing you affright
[Rating: general] [Genre: humour, christmas] [Pairing: NONE]

A Happy Ending
Here is my entry for the cya_ficathon. It's wacky, and weird, and disjointed... but enjoyable.
[Rating: general] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: B/A, OTHER]

A Hellmouth Christmas Carol
By Gia
It's Christmas on the Hellmouth. What do the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future have to teach our favorite couple?
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: B/A]

A Little Bit of Heaven
By Ares
Set after This Old Gang of Mine, just before Carpe Noctum. Angel fighting a demon, near death and dreams of Buffy.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

A Long, Strange Journey
By Chrislee
Buffy, Spike and Angel set circa "The Girl in Question"
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: future] [Pairing: B/A, S/A, SLASH]

A New Trick
By Tania
Sometimes the only thing you need is a touch of something real.
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: S/A]

A Peculiar Comfort
By Nevernever
Post-both series.AN: Written for the B/A kinkficathon.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, angst, kink] [Pairing: B/A]

A Reason To Drown
By Yseult
A chance encounter between Angel and Buffy raises old ghosts.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

A Russian Interlude
By Ares
Written for Rusty's Christmas challenge.
[Rating: general] [Genre: past] [Pairing: OTHER]

A Sense of Balance.
By LisaP
A vampire's take on getting back to nature.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

A Series Of Small Walls
By Dodyskin
Wesathon entry. (Angel/Wesley)
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: SLASH]

A Slate Not So Clean
By Eurydice
Set just after Graduation, Part 2.
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

A Start
By Christie
Cordelia has a vision of Angel and is forced to go see him.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: C/A]

A Stitch in Time
By Rheanna, Yahtzee
A story of one hundred and four years, and five months.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: action, au, tt] [Pairing: C/A, OTHER]

A Thousand Tiny Deaths
By Nyxie
They meet once a year--long enough to avoid temptation, short enough to avoid losing touch. (Post-NFA)
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst, love] [Pairing: B/A]

A Time To Mourn
By Jeanne Rose
What *really* happened at the monastery where Angel went to deal with his grief over Buffy's death.
[Rating: General] [Genre: action] [Pairing: B/A]

By Yseult
Angel searches for absolution in the aftermath of his "ocean cruise".
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Afraid Of Sunlight
By Ducks
Just two people in love far away from fear...
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

After All
By Leni
After all, it's never too late to start learning French.
[Rating: general] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

After Effects
By Indie
A challenge fic set in BtVS Season 4/AtS Season 1. The Initiative wants to start a structured breeding program using Riley as the Slayer's mate. They drug her up, but she goes in search of her real mate.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: action] [Pairing: B/A]

After The End
By Indie
For allusions to abuse and rape. B/Aus. Buffy POV. Far future. After the End of Days. Rather on the fluffy side. Short.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, future] [Pairing: B/A]

After The Fall
By Starlet
Angel waits in the wings.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: C/A]

After The Fire
By Ducks
Is it love or suicide? (Faith/Angel)
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, future] [Pairing: OTHER]

By Yseult
Wesley goes home with Angel. Set immediately after "Sanctuary".
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: SLASH]

By LAndrews
Vignette/ Angel journals.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Ain't That Enough
By Chelle
Buffy visits Angel in LA but nothing goes as planned.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Dark Star
Everything tastes better outside.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

All And Nothing
By Jane Davitt
Wesley ventures deep into the Hyperion and finds all he ever wanted - at a price. (Wesley/Angel)
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: SLASH]

All I Ever Wanted
By Esmerelda
A possible future for Buffy and Angel.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

All I See
By Rebecca Carefoot
Buffy's POV from Bad Eggs.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

All Of This And Nothing
By Chrislee
Future fic. About a decade post 'Not Fade Away.' This is all-human, AU, but only because it's 10 years into the future. Also, if you're longing for happily-ever-after B/A... um... perhaps you shouldn't read this. Also, includes some Angel/Nina.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: future, angst, au] [Pairing: B/A, OTHER]

All That's Best Of Dark And Bright
By Red Brick Rose
Post-NFA, so spoilers through everything. (B/A, A/S)
[Rating: General] [Genre: dark, angst] [Pairing: B/A, S/A]

All The King's Horses And All The King's Men
By Indie, Tango
This fic ventures into dark and somewhat controversial territory. All characters are human. Contains mention of physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, rape, language and graphic sex.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, au] [Pairing: B/A]

All These Things That I've Done
By Taaroko
Angelus killed the Romani elder woman before she could complete the Ritual of Restoration in 1898.
[Rating: PG] [Genre: au, angst] [Pairing: B/A]

All Ways
By Kita
I wanted, most of all, to be fair to each character and pair of characters, because I am a fan of every one of them, and because I think they deserve it.
[Rating: adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A, S/A]

By Dark Star
Close your eyes...
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A]

By Trixen
"I used to pray for you, you know." Buffy heads to LA with Spike, for information from an old lover.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, angst] [Pairing: B/A, OTHER]

Amor Fati
By Starlet
Two outsiders, drawn together by fate.
[Rating: General] [Genre: christmas] [Pairing: C/A, B/A]

An Echo, A Stain
By Leena
I can't say no to you, say nothing. Freefalling.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: B/A, C/A]

By Red Brick Rose
Through "Destiny"
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: SLASH]

And Life Was One Long Fight Again
By Weasy
After NFA Angel wakes up somewhere extremely unexpected, with some unusual obstacles to getting back home.
[Rating: General] [Genre: action] [Pairing: B/A]

And Then There Was Quiet
By Kristi
Post Bargaining 2. Buffy runs to the only place that's ever been completely quiet.
[Rating: general] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

And Then You Kissed Me
By Lamia Archer
Fluff, but you know, with kink. CWC like whoa.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love, kink] [Pairing: B/A]

And When You Sleep You Remind Me of the Dead
By Doyle
After Home. Angel is haunted.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

And You Thought YOUR Parents Were Strange
By Dana
Buffy and Angel's teenage daughter finds out. Needless to say what.
[Rating: General] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: B/A]

By Corinna
"Angel and a bunch of monks in the middle of nowhere: there's a party."
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

Angel's Return
By Tango
Angel finds out about Buffy and Spike.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

By Cynamin
A spell goes wrong... with amusing results.
[Rating: General] [Genre: humour] [Pairing: B/A]

By Starlet
Post-ep for New World.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: C/A]

Another Life
By Rheanna
"Birthday", turned upside down and shaken.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: au] [Pairing: C/A]

Another Word
By Ebonbird
So Angel took exception to one of Cordelia's figures of speech.
[Rating: General] [Genre: love] [Pairing: C/A]

Anywhere But Here
By Yseult
It's a rainy day in Sunnydale and Buffy's classes have been cancelled.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: love] [Pairing: B/A]

April Fool
By Jo
For anyone who's read 'The Nature of the Beast', this might be what comes afterwards. I might even incorporate something like this into that series, if you like it.
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: angst, future] [Pairing: B/A]

Armed and Dangerous
By Kairos
Buffy and Angel patch each other up on a night that the bad guys win. Set in an alternate BtVS6/AtS3.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: B/A]

As The Page Turns
By Evan Como
Giles visits L.A. as Angel & Cordy work through Doyle's passing.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst] [Pairing: NONE]

As Time Goes By
By Yahtzee
In its own unexpected ways, the Hyperion Hotel remains the last help for the hopeless in the wasteland once known as L.A.
[Rating: General] [Genre: angst, future] [Pairing: OTHER]

At Home Where The World Ends
By Maren
Written for the B/A CYA Ficathon
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark, angst] [Pairing: B/A]

Auld Lang Syne
By Chrislee
[Rating: General] [Genre: love, future] [Pairing: B/A]

Autumn Of Strange Suffering
By Chrislee
Well, this is first real foray into slash.(Wesley/Angel)
[Rating: Adult] [Genre: dark] [Pairing: SLASH]


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