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3rd November 2016
If you've been visiting lately, you know that Scribes has been down due to a server error. Fortunately, we are now back up and operational again, thanks to Mike's wonderful efforts! Currently, there are no plans to take Scribes down, so your fiction should be safe for some time yet. However, because I have other things happening that are taking up all of my spare time right now, there will not be any new content for the time being. I am still around, thank you for those who took the time to ask, and am in fact now making and selling my own fun-inspired jewellery. I'm hoping to return to writing eventually, when things settle down again, but if you would like to have a look at what I've been doing recently, here is a link to my Etsy page. You will also find links to my jewellery-inspired social media, if you would like to come along on my journey. You would be very welcome, and it would be nice to know I'm actually talking to somebody...
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