Author: Dark Star



Summary: Things always taste better outside…

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon is creator and owner of all things Angel

Rating: NC 17, Adult:

Pairing: B/A

Category: Fluff

Distribution: Just ask, please



The Hyperion stood in semi-darkness when Buffy Summers pushed through the double doors and paused uncertainly at the top of the stairs.




“Here.” The voice came from the office, and a moment later Angel followed it, smiling at her as she descended the stairs. “You’re early.”


“Yeah,” she grinned, going straight to the comfort of his arms and nestling there. “Sunnydale was really quiet, and I managed to get away sooner than I expected to.”


Angel ducked his head lower to capture her mouth in a kiss that told her exactly how much he missed her. Buffy’s response was just as urgent as his, and when the kiss ended, she reflected on how much she needed these weekends with Angel to repair her shattered nerves and flagging spirits.


Angel pulled back a little so that he could see her, but he kept his arms protectively encircling her. His fingers traced her cheek, and he asked gently,  “What do you want to do today?”


“I’m starved,” she said, smiling. Then, apparently realising it wasn’t very flattering to Angel, she explained, “I left before I could have anything to eat, and I…”


“It’s okay,” he replied, pulling her back against his chest. “But I’m afraid I don’t have much food in. I can make you some eggs, or we can go out, if you’d rather.”


“Out,” she promptly replied, a little to Angel’s disappointment. He’d been hoping to get her all to himself. “You know what I’d like?” she asked, gazing up at him, her eyes shining and full of promise. She didn’t wait for his reply and added, “To eat outside. You know, a park or somewhere, like we used to in Sunnydale.”


“But not a cemetery?” he teased her, nibbling at her earlobe.


Buffy giggled. “God, no. Last thing I want is to be back at the office.”


“The beach?” he suggested, and Buffy happily agreed to that. “Then I know just the place. But we’ll have to stop off first at the market, and get some food for you.”


“Great,” Buffy tried to say, but her voice came out muffled as Angel caught her lips once more in a searching kiss.




The store Angel chose was fairly quiet, with most of its patrons visiting during the day. Angel trailed along contentedly beside Buffy; letting her choose whatever food she wanted for their impromptu meal. He was more interested in watching the way her body moved as she piled items in her basket, and as she reached up to get something from above the chilled cabinet, he couldn’t stop himself from pushing forward and trapping her body against the cold compartment.


Buffy gasped, both because of the cold against her legs and Angel’s arms wrapped tightly round her waist.




“Ssh,” he said softly, one hand moving to cup her breast, and the other sliding her skirt up so that he could run his fingers along her thigh.


“Angel…” Buffy moaned again, immensely excited at Angel’s bold actions, but mortified that someone might see them. “We shouldn’t…”


“Why?” Angel’s face nuzzled seductively at her neck, even as his exploring fingers reached her panties and he squirmed them under the elastic. “There’s nobody here, Buffy. Do you want me to stop?”


“No!” she squeaked, and mentally kicked herself for making a noise. “But… someone will see…”


She could hear voices in the next aisle, and remembered seeing assistants filling up the shelves. Angel’s questing fingers were making her pant, and she rocked her hips urgently against him.


“Easy,” Angel’s sensual voice said against her throat. “All they will see, Buffy, is what you let them see.”


Buffy's  body clenched at the thrusting of Angel’s fingers, distracting her, and she tried to comprehend what he was saying to her.


“Look up,” he whispered, his fingers making little circular movements over her nipple.


Buffy did as she was told, and sucked in a deep breath. Above them was a security mirror, but what made her gasp was the fact that she stood in it, alone. She looked a little… hot, but there was no evidence of Angel, and the cabinet hid her rucked up skirt.


“Oh, god…” she moaned, the sensations of Angel’s hands making her skin tingle and jerk with pleasure; but Angel was not reflected in the mirror, and it was surreal to feel his touch so intimately, but not see him.


She leant forward, needing the stability of the cabinet as Angel’s lips tickled at her neck, and his hands brought wonderful waves of pleasure to her body. As she neared orgasm, she tried to quell the overwhelming urge to cry out, and instead bit on her lower lip to keep silent.


“They’re going to think I’m having a seizure,” she grumbled between clenched teeth, pushing her hips urgently back at him, and feeling his erection pressing against her bottom.


But Angel’s fingers were unrelenting, knowing exactly how to arouse her; and then, the growing ache in her womb suddenly turned to white fire, spreading rapidly through her limbs and making her slam back against her tormentor and momentarily forget about discretion.


“Good, Buffy?” he whispered, his hands dropping back round her waist, and he watched with smugness as she slowly regained her composure.


“Pig,” she whimpered, a little pissed with the ease that he had controlled her body. His slightly arrogant smile didn’t help either, and she added, “You know I’m gonna get you back, don’t you?”


Angel chuckled, low and deep, sending another stab of desire to her gut, and said, “I can’t wait.”


Buffy retrieved her abandoned basket from the cabinet, and they went to pay for their purchases. Angel was irritatingly amused by her embarrassment, and her subsequent awkwardness with the assistants, and it was with some relief for her when they emerged from the store.


“I’m never gonna be able to go in there again,” she started to say, but Angel was turning her to face him, and she welcomed his soft kiss, wrapping her arm round his neck and moulding her body to his.


Angel’s hands pressed against her back, drawing her closer and deepened the kiss at the same time. Buffy couldn’t help pushing tighter against his body, responding to Angel’s kiss with an intensity of her own. When the kiss ended, they breathlessly pulled apart and Buffy stepped back, putting space between them.


“I’m hungry,” she announced with a smile as she dropped the grocery bag on the back seat. “You might not need to eat, but I do. So, where’s this place you want to take me to?”


Angel took a moment to appreciate the delectable curve of her hips as she leant into the car, and tried to form a coherent answer to her question.


“About twenty minutes drive from here. You think you can stave off starvation for that long?”


Buffy gave him a cheerful smile and got in the car. Angel took that to mean yes, and got in with her. The drive to the beach was conducted in companionable silence, and Angel appreciated the fact that for a large percentage of the journey, Buffy’s hand rubbed happily against his thigh.


Angel stopped the car next to a track that trailed down to the sea. Buffy reclaimed her groceries from the back seat of the car and Angel produced a rug for them to sit on. He took her hand, and they made their way carefully down the track.


Buffy stopped when they were partway down the track, and turned her attention to her surroundings. She could see the surf rolling across the smooth sand before slithering gently back again. Further along, where a pair of imposing boulders stood watch over the ocean, the waves thumped against the rock, sending spray surging skyward.


Buffy closed her eyes, wanting to experience the scene before her. She could feel the breeze worrying her hair, and smell the unique salty odour of the sea. She loved the soft shushing sound that the water made as it scurried across the beach and dragged itself lazily back again.


She was dimly aware of Angel moving closer, and when he stood beside her and ran his arm round her waist, she opened her eyes and looked up at him.


“It’s beautiful,” she breathed, awed by such a huge expanse of water.


“Yeah,” he replied, and something in his voice made her look closer at him. She’d heard that vampires feel connected to the earth, and she wondered if the sea aroused such a sense of vastness in her, what must it feel like to Angel?


Angel stirred, perhaps sensing her gaze on him, and gave her one of his quirky smiles. He took her hand again, because there wasn’t room on the track for both of them to descend together, and led her down to the beach.


He let Buffy choose where she wanted to sit, and they stretched out the rug on the dry sand and sat down.


Buffy began pulling food items from her bag and laying them on the rug. She didn’t like to eat alone and so had bought some things for Angel too. While the food wouldn’t actually nourish him, he enjoyed the texture of some of the items, and he liked to maintain the illusion of being a normal person.


Buffy broke off a piece of bread and gave it to Angel, and tried not to stare as he actually ate it. They talked while they ate; discussing everything that had happened since the last time they’d had one of their secret meetings. Angel enjoyed feeding Buffy the little grapes, and she made him smile by repaying the compliment and popping the tiny fruit singularly into his mouth.


When Buffy had eaten enough, she pushed the remains of the food back into the bag, and scooted closer to Angel.


He snaked an arm round her shoulders and rolled her so that she was lying under him on the blanket. Buffy giggled, placing her hands against his chest and prepared to push him away.  Instead, Angel planted a gentle kiss on her lips, and she found herself responding to him.


When the kiss ended, Angel rested himself on one elbow so that he could look at her. She was so beautiful that he couldn’t resist touching her, running his fingers slowly over her face, almost as though he wanted to prove that she was real.


Buffy sighed. This felt so good, lying here with Angel, and with the soft sounds of the ocean playing in the background. Angel shifted his body to cover hers, and Buffy’s breath caught with the sheer presence of him. Angel kissed her again, a searching kiss, and she wrapped her arms eagerly round his large frame and marvelled at how right he felt, nestling between her spread thighs.


For Angel, it was almost too much. He wanted her so badly, and he was so close to being inside her, but he knew that it wasn’t an option for them. He rolled onto his back, pulling her with him; her legs came up to straddle his waist, thankfully removing the friction of her body pressing unbearably against his erection.


Buffy now had the upper position, and she took advantage of it, attacking his mouth in an almost savage kiss. Angel’s hands ventured under her shirt, roaming restlessly over her smooth skin; and when the kiss ended, they were both panting heavily.


“I think we should go for a walk,” Angel suggested unsteadily. Buffy was about to protest, but she understood the reasoning behind his idea and she reluctantly agreed.


They strolled arm-in-arm alongside the water’s edge, the wet sand bathed in the soft glow of the moon. Every so often they stopped to share a kiss or an embrace, and without any prior agreement, they found themselves making for the larger of the two rocks that dominated the little cove they were in.


The kisses were becoming more urgent, more passionate, and Angel knew that if they didn’t stop this, they were going to be in trouble. He pulled back, but Buffy had other ideas and she swung him round, pushing him up against the boulder.




She silenced him with a kiss so hot he could feel his skin burning, and he groaned.


“Buffy…” he tried again desperately, but she replied gently, “It’s okay, Angel… trust me?”


Angel swallowed harshly, and nodded his head once.  He didn’t answer, couldn’t quite trust his voice not to give away how much he wanted her; but he did trust her, and when their lips met again he figured that as long as one of them was in control, they might as well enjoy it.


She slid away from him, her mouth tracing a path down over his chin and throat, where she stopped to pay particular attention to his neck.


So aroused was he by her concentration on his throat, he almost missed her hands as they deftly unfastened his belt buckle. Almost. His cock swelled further in anticipation as Buffy pulled down the zip of his jeans and pushed her hand inside. She found his erection straining beneath the soft fabric of his boxers, and freed it from the confines of his clothes. All this time, Buffy had been kissing his throat and face, and was now urgently exploring his mouth and making him moan with want.


Angel grabbed the back of her head, forcing her mouth hard against his, so overwhelmed with desire that he wasn’t even aware of his actions. When he released her, she gave him a seductive smile and sank slowly to her knees.


Oh, yesssssssss… He’d hoped that this was what she’d had in mind, but still, having her actually do it, feeling the wet heat of her mouth engulf him, was almost too much to take.


He loved to watch her busily at work, and the sight of her blonde head bobbing in front of him only added to the pleasure. He placed a hand on the blonde tresses, and she immediately stopped and sat back on her heels; though her hand stayed wrapped round his erection, massaging him gently.


What? He thought distractedly. What’d I do now?


“No touching,” she told him sternly.


Angel blinked. “But I… want to touch you.” Buffy resisted a smile, because his plaintive moan made him sound so much like a schoolboy.


“No.” She repeated firmly, and then explained, “You’ve been naughty. You don’t get to touch.”


Naughty? Angel was confused, then realisation dawned and he gave her grudging smile.


‘You know I’m going to get you back, don’t you?’


“What happens if I forget?” he wanted to know.


“I stop,” she told him wickedly. “And you don’t get to come in my mouth.”


She felt his cock jerk slightly in her hand, and knew that she had excited him. “What do you want?”


“I don’t want you to stop,” he said carefully.


“What else?”


“I want…” he cleared his throat, and said, “I want to come in your mouth.”


She felt him twitch again, but she almost missed it because of the clenching in her womb that she experienced at his words, and she wondered which of them was the most aroused.


“Good,” she replied, bending forward to run her tongue along the length of his shaft. She repeated the action over and over, and then began lapping at him like a thirsty cat.


Angel groaned, clenching his hands so tightly, his fingernails dug deep into the palms of his hands. It took all his self-control not to grab her and hold her still so that he could surge forward and make her suck him.


Buffy gave the head of his cock a wet kiss before opening her mouth and letting him slide slowly in. Angel groaned again, one hand jerking as though he couldn’t quite control it, and Buffy knew full well what effect she was having on him. Angel loved to hold and caress her head when she went down on him, and to be deprived of that pleasure must be sweet torture for him.


Angel suddenly unclenched his hands and leant back against the rock. He used his hands to push against the rock and leant on them. Now that his arms were effectively supporting his body, it was impossible for him to touch her; but the movement had the consequence of pushing his hips out toward her. She was driving him crazy, and it was all he could do not to push faster into her mouth.


Buffy knew that he was close to losing control, and she increased her speed accordingly; she felt him shudder and tried to take him even deeper.


No longer able to stop himself, Angel pushed forward, his movements jerky as he sought release. By now, he really wanted to come, but he was afraid that she would stop if he touched her and his hands gripped harder on the rock.


In truth, Buffy was so aroused herself that she wouldn’t have stopped whatever he did, but Angel didn’t know that. She grabbed at his ass, digging her nails hard into the naked skin, taking him as fast and deeply as she could. And then he was over he edge, spilling into her mouth and forcing her to swallow rapidly, until his body stopped jerking and he was still.


Buffy sat back on her heels and wiped at her mouth.  Angel let go of the rock and stood upright.


“You know you’re really good at that, don’t you?” he said shakily.


Buffy smiled happily. She always found it amazing that she could reduce such a powerful man to a quivering heap, and she hadn’t even needed her super-powers to do it.


Buffy stood up and waited until Angel was ready to join her. He took her hand and they started a leisurely walk back to the picnic things.


“Let’s go back to the hotel,” Buffy suggested. Angel agreed, and he rolled up the rug while Buffy picked up the bag with the groceries in it.


By unspoken agreement they wandered across the beach together, Buffy tucked neatly against Angel’s shoulder. There was no need for haste because they had all weekend together; A few precious hours snatched away from duty and darkness.


At the edge of the track, Buffy paused, raising her face up to Angel's expectantly. He drew her closer, leaning down to taste her sweet and welcoming lips, and felt her heart fluttering against his chest.


When the soft kiss finally ended, Angel's hand found hers and he guided her back up the track towards his car.


Buffy followed contentedly, finally feeling at peace with the world; Angel was her equal, the only one who could relax her and make her feel safe. She sighed, and he smiled to himself in the moonlight.


Tonight there would be no nightmares, no loneliness; with Buffy curled up in his protective embrace, there would be only peace.


The End.


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