Author: Jill
Disclaimer: I don't own them, so don't sue.
Rating: dunno really, mostly PG-13
Spoilers: the whole B/A-thing, but especially the relationships B/R and A/D - no
don't shout yet. The story is truly B/A, but just ... with a little twist.
Timeline: After the beginning of Season 5 / 2; Buffy and Riley are still together
and Darla is visiting Angel in his dreams.
Dedication: This goes to Sara-Lee, who sent out a challenge. I only took the body
switching part and then this idea came out.

AN: This is NOT a serious fic. Not quite a silly one either. Something in the
middle. I've never tried to do something like that before, so be aware!

AN 2: Just pretend for this story that Willow and Tara had a fight and the
red-head is angry

AN 3: Just pretend further, that Darla came back as a vampire, not as a human

Willow was fuming. Arrrrgh, Tara was so insensible. Why couldn't she understand?
The red-head slammed the door of her dorm-room and switched the light on glad
that Buffy was not there. Probably with Riley she thought. Fine with her. She
didn't need any smootching couples right now. Arrrgh! Throwing her books on her
bed, she let let herself fall on it as well and stared to the ceiling.

Of course she wasn't completely over Oz. Why on earth couldn't Tara understand
that it didn't mean she didn't love her as well?

Understand, understand, understand ... the word repeated again and again in her
head. And suddenly it hit her. Jumping up from her bed she began frantically
searching through her spellbooks. Finally her face lit up. "Got it," she shouted
and began to set up a for a cantation.


Angel was tired and wary. The fight with this particular demon had been long and
exhausting and Cordelia's comments about her ruined Italian shoes hadn't helped
to improve his mood. He was looking forward to go to his bed, to sink into these
weird, but incredible erotic dreams, to escape reality and his longing for a girl
he would never be able to have again. With a sigh he removed his clothes and slid
under the sheets.


Buffy removed the dust from her clothes and looked towards the bushes, smiling
when she saw her boyfriend coming towards her.

"That was the fourth for tonight," he stated and helped her by patting the dirt
from her back.

"Yeah," she smiled at him. "Do you think four is enough?," she winked

Getting her message he grinned, "I think so, come on, let's go." Taking her hand
he pulled her towards his room.


"I call the spirits of truth and insight," Willow chanted over burning candles
and smelling herbs. "Let the soulmates see the others world. Spirits, let them
have the insight! Now!!" A wind blew out the candles and the red-head giggled.


Darla chuckled when she let herself into Angel's room at the Hyperion Hotel. The
nights were getting better and better, her favourite childe responded to her
administrations exactly the way she'd expected him to do so. Smiling at his
sleeping form in the bed she opened the first two buttons of her blouse and
joined him.

Stradling his hips she let out a sigh. Over hundred years she'd been deprived of
his body and for her this was fullfillment. Slowly her hands roamed over his
chest and she smiled when a moan escaped his mouth. She bent forward and planted
a kiss on his adamsapple, when suddenly his eyes flew open and he stared at her.
First in shock, then in disbelief but soon in anger. With vampire speed he sat up
in his bed and shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing here?"


Riley sighed and slipped his hands under his girlfriend's shirt, slowly tracing a
path up her spine. She giggled in repsonse and began to play with his belt, while
their tongues were duelling heavily. He was about to open the clasp of her bra
when she suddenly froze and closed her mouth almost biting his tongue in the

Her eyes were wide and she was staring at him as if she'd never seen him before,
then a cry of outrage escaped her mouth and she jumped away from him, "What do
you think you're doing here?," she shouted.


Rupert Giles muttered several curses while he was stepping down the stairs in his
apartment. His eyes half-closed he opened the door where someone had been
knocking frantically. "Yes," he hissed and had to blink when she saw Willow
standing in front of him. Her hair was tousled and panic radiated from her eyes.

"Good God, what happened," he asked and pulled her inside. "Are you hurt?"

"Hurt?," her voice was unnaturally high, "No. No, I'm not hurt. B-but," she

"Willow, tell me," he grabbed her shoulders and shook her slightly.

"Giles, you remember when I did the spell and Buffy was engaged to Spike?," she
asked cautiously.

His eyes narrowed, "Yes, why?"

She bit her lower lip and a nervous laugh escaped her mouth, "Because I think
I've done something equally stupid."

In reaction Giles only closed his eyes and sighed.


"Angel," Darla murmured seductively and captivated his gaze with hers.

Angel? What the hell is going on here, Buffy thought. The bitch was supposed to
be dead. And where am I? The last she remembered were Riley's hands on her back.
Her eyes moved around the unfamiliar room. What the heck? She shook her head in
confusion, then again looked at the blonde chick sitting on the bed. "You should
be dead," she hissed and froze.

What had happened to her voice. Why did it sound like ... Angel's? Oh God!
Staring down she inspected her ... oh no, not mine ... hands, then slowly the
whole body that was harbouring her soul. She was in a strange room with Darla
only some feet away from her on the bed and obviously in Angel's body. Images of
Faith flickered through her head, but the brunette slayer was behind bars, safely
put away. And then she knew.

"Willow, I'm going to kill you," she shouted.


"Buffy? What's the matter? Did I hurt you?," Riley's concerned voice reached
Angel's ears, while he stood up and slowly approached the slayer.

Angel blinked. Why was the ex-commando suddenly towering over him? And where was
he? And had he just really felt the other man's hands on him. To say it in
Cordelia's words. Ewwww. Where had Darla disappeared all of a sudden. But then he
was awake now and Darla was only in his dreams.

Again Riley's voice sounded in the room, "Buffy?" And then his hand was on the
vampire's arm. Without thinking Angel's hand shot out and the ex-commando flew
through the room, hitting the opposite wall with a loud thump.

"Don't touch me," he shouted and froze. Why was his voice so high? Oh no! He
remembered Wesley telling him about Faith and Buffy switiching bodies. No, that
was not happening.  Spinning around he moved towards the mirror and stared into
the face of his beloved.


"What exactly was the spell meant to do?," Giles asked the desperate girl sitting
on his sofa.

"Oh Giles, I feel horrible," she almost whined. "I was so angry with Tara and
then ... and then ... I did an insight-spell, meant for soulmates. But I forgot
Tara wasn't my soulmate. I mean, I really should have known." She sighed and gave
him an apologetic glance.

"Then what is the problem? She isn't your soulmate, so the spell didn't work."

"But it did," she cried. "Giles the spell worked. I could feel the magic, the
energy. So I'm sure it worked." Suddenly her voice was like that of a little
child and she ducked her head as if expecting a blow when she continued,
"Thinking about it, I could only think of two soulmates around here. Or rather
not. Well, what I mean is the one is here and the other ..."

"... in L.A.," he finished her sentence with a sigh. "Oh Willow," he shook his
head, "you better find a way to reverse the spell. And fast."


Suddenly Buffy became angry. What was Darla, dead or not, doing in Angel's room?
She had no business to be here. Angel was her soulmate. Wait a second, where did
that thought come from? She had Riley now and ... her eyes fell on the oder woman
again and almost uncontrollable jealousy filled her whole being. But then another
thought came to her mind and she began to smile, "Hello Darla," she said with a
sweet voice.

The vampiress smiled back, "Angelus! I've waited for this," she motioned to the
bed. "I know you thought I was just a dream, but now I'm glad my secret is out."

"I see," Buffy nodded, feeling awkward to move in Angel's big body. The legs were
so long, the hands so big and it was odd not feel ones heart beating.

She moved closer to the bed, her eyes scanning the room for a pointy, wooden
object. This chick wanted Angel, well now she would meet his soulmate. And this
time it would be final. Nobody touched her mate! Shocked by her own thoughts she
froze for a moment, desperately trying to imagine Riley's smiling face. She
failed miserably. The thought of Angel with another woman left no room for
anything else. Jealousy consumed her whole being.

Smiling again she kneeled on the bed, her eyes on Angel's nightstand where she'd
finally spotted what she was looking for. "Darla," her voice sounded like velvet,
when she closed her arms around the vampiress who sighed in response and
encircled what she thought was her childe's neck.

Then with a swift movement Buffy grabbed the stake laying there and staked Darla
through the back. A smile played on her lips when she brushed the dust from the


"Buffy," Riley struggled to get up and groaned in pain. "What is the matter with

Angel wanted to growl in his chest but was suddenly aware he couldn't do it in
Buffy's body. It was true, he was really in his love's body. Then his eyes fell
on the man standing at the opposite wall and a wicked thought entered his mind.
This man was touching what was his. This was a damned situation, but why
shouldn't he use it to his advantage as long as it lasted. "Riley," Angel sighed
and struggled to keep a straight face. "I really can't stand you touching me any

It wasn't a lie, Angel thought. The memory of the ex-commando's hands almost made
him gag.

"What?," Riley's stared at what he thought was his girlfriend incredulously. "I
... I don't understand. Buffy," he advanced her again, but before he could touch
her this time her fist came flying in his face and again he landed at the wall.
The crack he'd heard was a definite sign that his nose was broken.

'Yes', Angel wanted to shout, but knew that he had to keep up appearances to
reach his aim. "I thought my words were clear. Go away, I don't want to see you

Riley got up and nodded, "Yes, perfectly clear," he replied holding his bleeding
nose. Then he bolted from the room. Only when he reached the outside of the
building he realised that it had been his own room where he had been running

Angel took a deep breath when he felt dizzy all of a sudden and then everything
went black.


"Done," Willow said with a sigh.

"You're sure," Giles asked.

"Absolutely," she assured him with a nod. "It worked."

"Maybe we should try to call Buffy," the watcher suggested.


When Buffy woke up again she had to blink and then shook her head. But she
instantly knew where she was. It was Riley's room. But where was her boyfriend?
Then she remembered, she'd been in L.A., in Angel's body and there had been Darla
and now she was back. Quickly glancing down she saw that her hands were in fact
her hands. Grabbing her purse from Riley's nightstand she headed for her own


The first thing Angel saw were the remains of vampire-dust on his bed. Then the
image of beating Riley in Buffy's body flashed through his mind and a wicked grin
spread across his face. Surprisingly he felt no guilt for what he'd done. Buffy!
Her name shot in his head like a bolt. When he had been in Buffy's body then she
... jumping from his bed, he ran towards his office.


"Yes, Willow, I'm fine," Buffy assured her concerned friend on the other end of
the line. "Well, it was quite an experience. But," she suddenly grinned, "I got
to kill a vampire ... no ... tell Giles I'm fine. No, I'm not angry with you ...
no, really not ... actually I wanted to thank you. See you soon."

She hung up and her head fell back on the pillow. Of course it had been Willow's
spell causing her and Angel to switch bodies. She shook her head and laughed when
the phone rang again. Without thinking she knew who would be at the other end.
"Hi Angel," she said taking up the receiver.

"Buffy," came his voice through the line. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," she told him and sighed. "That was quite an ..."

"... experience," he finished her sentence and they both chuckled. "There ... uhm
... is something I have to tell you."

"Funny you're saying this, I have some news too," she replied.

"I hit Riley," he blurted out. "When I came to me he had his hands on me ... on
you ... well, you know," he stopped and coughed.

"I see," her voice was calm. "And?"

"Well, I told him to leave and that I ... you ... didn't want to see him again. I
think I broke his nose," he said trying to sound as if he'd regret it.

Chuckling, she said, "Don't fool me, Angel. You enjoyed it." Leaving him no
possibility to reply she went on, "But I have to tell you something as well. I
met Darla."

Silence on the other end before he asked, "Darla? I thought she was only ..."

"... a dream, I know," she said. "She told me. Angel I ... uhm ... kinda staked

"Ah," he replied remembering the traces of dust on his bed. "Well, she was, after
all, a vampire, and you are the slayer."

"That's true," she grinned. "So. You kinda ... dumped ... my boyfriend."


"No," she interrupted him. "But as you deprived me of him, do you have any idea
how to replace him?"

She heard a chuckle, "Did I ever tell you that I will become human one day?," he
asked and grinned when he heard the shriek at the other end.


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