Pain & Pleasure

Author: Dani Shafer
Genre: Canon. Future. AU. Dark.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: B/Angelus
Word Count: 6520
Summary: One shot, Buffy's POV, there is pain and there is pleasure. Angelus is an expert at both. (Lame summary!)

Thank you so much to Kyria who really helped nurture this into what it is. You did a wonderful job with your input, thoughts and suggestions. Thank you to Cindy for the beta!

* * *

His breath is heavy and moist against my neck. Panting. Moaning. Fucking. He whispers and it is like fluttering silk that caresses my soul. Angelus has no boundaries. Nothing is forbidden to him, not even the tattered remains of my spirit.

The tight, slick muscles of his chest rub against my back as he holds me to him. He thrusts hard. They are demanding and they command my body to submit to his will. It feels good and bad all at the same time. It feels like the fiery pits of hell, but right now, I'm in the mood to be burned. His cock is a driving force of power that cuts me open, splits me in half.

A clenching ache moves through my stomach and the space between my legs becomes wet. He taunts me, whispers into my ear about how he can feel me. Not just my body or the slickness of my arousal. He feels my soul. He feels the tainted innocence, the fragile shred of humanity that I cling to. I'm not lost yet. Never lost. Just misplaced.

"Come for me."

He whispers against the back of my neck, and I can feel the ridges of his face against my shoulder. He has shifted, and I don't need to see him to know that his eyes are gold. His teeth are sharp against my shoulder blade, and I gasp. Angelus knows my pleasure doesn't come from any place that is good. My pleasure is darkness and pain.

He bites down, not hard enough to break the fragile skin, but hard enough so I can feel the tips of his fangs. In case I had forgotten, Angelus reminds me of what he is: a monster. I am fucking a monster and I love it. I moan and my back bows, which forces his cock deeper inside me. Yes. Gods yes.

I won’t come for him though, never for him. To give in would be to surrender. He holds me prisoner in his Ireland mansion that overlooks the seas. Even now, through the harsh words that Angelus nibbles along my skin, I can hear the waves crashing against the jagged rocks.

I'm lost in sensation.

I’m not, though, lost in the act of Angelus fucking me, coercing my body to do things I normally wouldn't dare. No, I am suddenly lost in the thought of death and the sensation it would bring.

Death calls as I pulse around his cock. Sometimes, when Angelus fucks me, it feels fatal. I listen to waves crashing in the distance and close my eyes. I imagine my broken body, lying on those jagged rocks. Would it hurt? Would the torment inside me finally go away if I plunged over the edge?

"I can show you death, if that's what you want..." Angelus seductively whispers as he flips me so I face him.

Anxiety flows through me as he pulls out, and is immediately relieved after he to flips me on my back and slides back inside, pressing me against the chilled concrete. He's inside me again and I know he can see the relief in my eyes. Angelus speaks to me at great lengths about the depths of my eyes. He says they are the color of Irish moss.

He smiles down at me, his lips curved upward in a snarl. It is a game. A battle of wills. I cry out as I feel his power spilling into me. It starts in my toes, moves up my legs, and thrusts deep into my core. It feels so fucking good that I can't help but writhe on the ground beneath him.

"Stay the fuck out of my head.” I hiss in tortured pleasure.

He shoves with metaphorical hands, the force breaking my spirit one molecule at a time as he continues to push his depravity on me. Suddenly I feel dozens of snakes slithering under my skin. I look down in horror and I can see them as if they were real, not just a figment of Angelus' imagination, a figment of his power.

I am pinned, paralyzed by Angelus' stare and by my fear. I feel them, slippery, slithering, I feel them fighting the surging flow of my blood as they race towards my arms. They move in patterns and my flesh is so thin that I can see the bluish sliver hue of their scales through my skin. It is just an illusion, but the feeling isn't and it is terrifying.

"Stop it!” I cry out, the sensation overwhelming.

This isn't pleasure. This isn't pain. This is Angelus. Sick. Twisted. Depraved.

Angelus laughs as he bends my knees up to my stomach and continues to thrust his long hard cock in and out of me. He's so deep it feels like he'll come out of my throat. He bumps the mouth of my cervix with every upward thrust of his hips. It is as if the pain of having him so deep isn't enough for him and he steadies my face with his strong hand. He pinches my cheeks, pursing my lips together. He holds me still, forces the golden amber of his eyes on mine.

"Lover, I'll only stop when that is what you truly want."

I push him off me; I've had enough.

I am met only with resistance. My arms are bound. When did that happen? I look first to my left, then my right and then frantically back and forth. I am attached to the ground, held prisoner by brilliant silver manacles that sparkle in the flickering orange glow of candlelight. I no longer feel the snakes inside of my body, but now I can see them. Brilliant coiled snakes are etched into the silver and I realize the chains aren't real. I’m stretched out before Angelus, tied to his power. I am tied by restraints that do not exist except for where Angelus has created him.

He's gotten inside of my head in a way that he hasn't been able to before.

Angelus doesn't just fuck me. No, he understands I crave the pain he bestows on me. He could fuck me all night and I would scream for more. I knew long ago that Angelus held a certain power over my body. It is my mind, the forbidden little treasure that is all my own, that he longs to possess. And for the first time since I came to him, soaking wet and dripping from the torrential rain that fell down on me, he is able to penetrate me in a way that no other has.

He is in my head, hears the thought as if I spoke it aloud. There is a victorious smirk on his shadow-covered face. Angelus now thrusts into me with a renewed strength and vigor. He's fucking me. He possesses my body with his darkness and I can feel myself screaming and writhing from the intensity of it. Every time his hips hit the junction of my thighs, every time the base of his cock bottoms out against me, a moan is forced from throat.

I struggle and pull against my restraints. I don't want to be free of him, that's not why I want out of his cusp of power. I want my hands so I can run my nails down his back. I long to feel his skin rip beneath my fingers, but I cannot push myself to break free of his restraints. My wrists bruise and bleed from my struggle, from the force of my body as Angelus pounds into it. There is pain and agony as I feel him stroking me from the inside out. I am spiraling, spilling, babbling. Please. Yes. Oh. Gods.

"Harder, please Angelus..."

I want him to take me in that instant. I am so close and I want it so bad. I bite my lip and I taste coppery blood. His tongue delves inside my mouth, licking blood from my swollen lips. Our teeth clash, and I feel no pain as I knick my tongue on a fang. Angelus wastes nothing as he pounds into me and sucks my tongue into the cavern of his mouth.

Our lips sealed as our tongues duel. My throaty cries are silenced for the moment as he inhales each moan and gasp. When Angelus pulls away, I follow him as far as I can until his chains stopped me. I watch, helpless as he raises his chest off mine. I miss his weight already.

Angelus supports himself, hands on either side of my head. He lingers there, hovering over me. He isn't touching me. No, he understands that's what I want. His body is all grace and power and his lower half continues its maddening assault. He pistons in a steady rhythm that hits all the right spots. He is watching himself disappear between my thighs.

"Come for me lover."

He commands me, and with that command, I feel the added press of his power fluttering like wings of a golden eagle deep inside of my mind. Something in me rises up against that command. He is fucking up and getting greedy. In his greed, he creates a weakness and I push against it.

I feel the skin of his smooth flawless back underneath my fingernails and I smile in triumph. My arms are suddenly free, and I revel in the feeling of his flesh as I dig deep into the corded muscles. I can smell his blood and so can he. My hips thrust back against his each time we make contact.

"Fuck you.” I whisper against his lips before I capture them.

Angelus pulls away with a smirk and there is this twinkle in his glimmering yellow eyes. He is so beautiful it hurts. His dark beauty surrounds me, embraces me, and I know that he's trying to possess me again. He wants me to come, not for my pleasure, never for my pleasure, but for his own. If I come, I let the tight walls that I hold around my power fall. Once those walls crumble, he can sneak back inside of me, deep inside.

He likes to feed off my power. He likes to fuck my mind. He likes to fuck me until he fills me so deeply with his depravity I weep.

His cock is large, the crown purple and engorged as he pulls out. My insides feel empty and my stomach flutters at the look of desire that swirls darkly in his eyes. Angelus' hands are rough, his fingers bruising as he pinches my nipples. He drags his face down my chest, over the indentation of my ribs. His tongue dips inside of my navel and I am forced to retreat into my thoughts.

He. Will. Not. Have. Me.

"Don't run from me, it only hurts in the end."

I scream out as his tongue invades and soothes my aching depths all at once. One thing good thing about vampires is they don’t breath. He doesn't need to pull away from my sex as he delves deeply inside. I can feel his tongue curve, stroking me as his nose presses against my engorged clit. I writhe against him, my thighs quiver as I try to hold on.

I can do this. I am more powerful than Angelus.

Which is partly true. My power grows each day. Every time a new slayer rises, I feel it inside of me. I gain strength, my power source surges. Angelus knows this; it is why I fled to him in the first place. He says that I've forced him to keep the balance. For every slayer that rises, one falls. I can feel that too. Every time one of my solder falls victim to the darkness that the world has become, I feel it like a knife twisting in my gut.

Angelus is forced to keep a balance. He can't kill too many, no that would hurt me too much. That would damage the precious treasure of my mind. He has a monitor in my room, so I can watch. He brings them back here, the slayers, their innocent minds seduced by his power.

He fucks them, makes me watch as my lover takes one after the other. He smiles, calling out to me with his mind as he feasts upon them. It doubles me over in pain. There is pain from the loss of a childe, pain from having to watch him seduce another. There is so much pain that when he comes to me reeking of their stench I am powerless. He could have me then, in those weak moments. I am human. Bound by my emotions. Bound by my mate taking another.

He never fucks me in those weak moments. He sits patiently with a stillness that is somber and graceful. I weep as he strokes my hair, as his power caresses the wounds that he's caused. For months, we have been dancing in our seclusion. Family, friends, past lovers, they don't know I exist in this realm any longer. To them, I am dead, and maybe I am. Maybe this is my delusion, not Angelus'.

"Come back to me.” Angelus whispers and my eyes open.

I didn't feel the rumble of his breath against my tender slicked folds; no I feel his caress inside of my mind and it feels like heaven. Fuck. He's close; I'm close.

I feel him smirk against my thigh as he thrusts two fingers deep inside of me. He curls them, bends them, and fucks me with them as the sharp edge of one of his fang brushes against my tender clit.


I can feel my eyes flutter. I can't see anything beyond to the purple haze that clouds my mind and I start to imagine myself tearing into Angelus' body with my hands and teeth.

"Yes.” He hisses, and I can feel his hard cock against my thigh as he continues to coax my climax from deep inside of me.

He. Will. Not. Have. Me.

I flip him, suddenly, and I cruel smile twists across my face as his head hits the cement. His pain is my pleasure. His hair is so dark, almost black against the dull gray concrete floor, and it's been far too long since it's been cut. The soft silken strands of his hair are slicked with sweat and they stick to his forehead. My hands press against his chest and I sink onto his hardness. It impales me like steel, and I throw my head back.

The strength of my muscles flex each time I rise and fall on his engorged flesh. It feels so good. Not just inside of me, but the feel of his power around me. Angelus doesn't know it, but he's exposed in times like this. Just like as he drinks off my power, I can drink his. I can eat it, pull it into me, so it's not just him I'm fucking, it is his mind. It is sweet, his power, maybe the only that about Angelus that isn't nasty and dark.

His power calls out to mine, and for a moment when the red hues of his power meet my blue ones, I feel like we are truly joined. Unlike me, Angelus likes it when I invade his mind. He pushes, morphs, and draws me into him with tiny little fingers that feel like a million minute orgasms all over my body. I gasp and moan, and my hips rise and fall so fast its inhuman.

The purple haze that surrounds me grows, spreads, wraps it self about my naked body. It caresses me in places that Angelus' hands can't reach. I shiver and Angelus groans as his fingers bite into my hips. He is holding me, fucking me long and deep as his hips rise from the ground to meet my thrusts. I bend forward and my breasts press against the hard surface of his chest so he can fuck me faster and harder than I ever thought possible.

His hands thread under my arms and up my back so he can hold my shoulders. Every time he thrusts, he pushes down on my body so the impact is double. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"Don't ever stop fucking me...” I moan.

I'm close, too close. It's a precarious dance. I want it to end but at the same time, I want it to go on forever. I want to bend to him, to give him what he wants in exchange for this. The way he makes me feel when I'm lost in total abandon.

I cannot give up.

I imagine myself, hair blowing in the night breeze, my white see through gown fluttering behind me. I look like an angel, and in my mind, my green eyes are blue. They are like sapphires shining in the night. I look over the edge of the cliff; watch the waves glittering in the moonlight. They break with a force I could never replicate. For all of my power, for all of Angelus' power, we could never replicate nature's true force.

I am torn between reality and my mind. I know it is not real. That where I stand, at the edge of Angelus' mansion looking out to the sea, I know this is that special place in my mind. It is neither cold nor warm here. It just is. There is no scent, no freshness of the clean air. The waves crash steadily before me. Each wave picks up debris from the ocean bottom; I can see it churning and breaking before it disintegrates against the jagged black rocks.

Angelus flips me over so I am no longer on top of him and my fantasy world crumbles around me. I am no longer in that special inner sanctuary of my mind. Here in reality I can smell the salt of the sea that is just beyond. It is strong and more potent than the smell of sex that Angelus and I create. Here I can feel the heat that radiates off my body. Here I can feel Angelus' cool fingers as he pins my arms to the floor.

He pushes into me with ferocity, and I can see his demon like a corporal object. His large tight muscular body feels so heavy on top of me I can hardly breath. I gasp, and writhe, and my lungs burn as he sends me into oblivion.

"You. Will. Come. Lover.” He growls as he buries his face against in the crook of my neck.

I struggle out of his grasp and my hand snakes between us to press against his chest. I let my power flow out of its cage and through my arms and out of my fingers. I feel it slowly, like being injected with morphine. I feel it in my blood stream; it travels, reaches, and spreads. Only instead of being injected, I'm ejecting.

Angelus gasps, and his eyes turn from amber to black. His hands quickly grab mine, and I cry out in pain as he torques my shoulder and forces my arms back above my head. I'm stretched out before him once more, like a forbidden feast. But nothing is forbidden to Angelus. Nothing. He takes a nipple into his mouth. His tongue bites and his fangs cut into the tender nub. He suckles there, greedy for the taste of my blood.

I cry out his name in a breathy voice that I am sure isn't my own. He possesses me. I feel my stomach contract in waves of glorious pleasure and I push my chest into his mouth. He doesn't dare bite me. That is cheating. If he can't make me come using his own body, then it doesn't count and he doesn't get to fuck me the way he truly longs to. Or so I think...

The sound of his flesh against mine echoes in my ears, and I can no longer hear the ocean. Each time I feel Angelus invade my core the woman, in my mind, who stands at the edge of the cliff takes a step back. She walks backwards, in slow motion, yet her hair and gown still flutter around her in silkiness. Like being zipped through time, suddenly I am there again, I am she, and I am in my inner sanctuary.

The air that once had no feeling is suddenly cold and damp and a gasp is ripped from my mouth as I feel Angelus in front of me. This is my private sanctuary and he's followed me here. He is fucking me in reality, but he's here, now, in my dreams. He wears nothing but a black silk robe that flutters in a wind that only seems to swirl around us. He looks like a beacon in the darkness, tempting sin that lay just inches from my fingertips. His body is so hard, like a marble statue chiseled into perfection.

His cock is solid and curves up towards his belly. I step closer and my feet press into the soft grass. He stands on the very edge of the cliff, and now I can no longer smell the sea, only Angelus. He smells like home. Spicy. Potent. Male. Mine.

I feel the damp earth press along my knees as I kneel in front of him like an obedient servant. He stands above me, looming in the darkness and suddenly I can no longer hear the waves lost in their destruction.

Things have shifted, morphed, and now I feel the warm sun that beats along my back. Angelus is inside my head, fully, completely. I am naked, and the sun feels like heaven in hell as I bow my head. His cock is beautiful, and I watch him with lidded eyes as I take him between my lips. He groans long and deep as his hand finds its place lost in my tresses. He pulls my head down on him.

Angelus tweaks the dream world I’ve created and I feel invisible hands stroke my thighs. I realize that reality and fantasy are merging. What is truly happening to my body in real life can still be felt here in my dreams. My legs are coaxed open and I suddenly feel Angelus mouth suckling on my clit. I cry out, but my sound is muffled as the crown of Angelus' manhood hits the back of my throat.

When I close my eyes I can see my self, how and what I am doing, in reality. My legs are spread wide and my eyes are open and lost in hazy passion as Angelus feasts on me. It is so erotic, like watching yourself in a mirror. I watch my face as I moan in pleasure. I watch my fingers thread through Angelus' thick chocolate hair as I undulate my hips against his face. As I see it, I can feel it. I can actually feel his hair as he devours me with his mouth, yet I am still here, in my dream world with Angelus' cock deep inside of my mouth.

I suck him harder, deeper, more thoroughly then ever before as I watch him fuck me with his mouth.

My lips are red in comparison to his pink shaft, and we are both drawn to the sight. The dark hair that matches the one on his head tickles my face as I deep throat him; take him further than I thought possible.

With Angelus, I've found anything is possible.

I relax my throat and my stomach curls for just a second as Angelus starts to thrust. It isn't just inside of my mouth, no, now I can feel his cock deep inside of me as he penetrates me in reality. He is no longer content to feast on my juices; he needs to feel me, to feel his length inside of my depths, inside of my mouth. He whispers this to me, in my dream, and I know it applies to the other dimension.

I open my eyes and moisture pools in my depths and it clouds my vision. I am still in my inner sanctuary; I am still caught up in Angelus' version because the sun still burns along my skin. I look up at him and his beautiful human face is lost in rapture as I feel him letting go. That's when I feel it. The beat of his heart, the race of blood beneath the surface of his arousal as I suck him. I don't know when I realize it, but he's fucking my mind and I'm fucking his. He's gotten past whatever walls I had constructed and in doing that he's let down his own.

We are truly possessing one another in a way that Angelus didn't dare consider.

It is a race now. I can feel my soul as it bends and that means so can he. I can feel him pulling the humanity out of me. What would happen if I lost? What would happen if I gave over to the never-ending sensations that Angelus creates inside of me?

"You would die and truly become my concubine.” Angelus whispered.

I suck harder, and in the realm that isn't my mind, Angelus brutally flips me over on my hands and knees. He is desperate. I can feel it in the tension that hums in him. I can see it in his face that is masked by his demon visage as he savagely tears into my body. There is no finesse, and we are beyond passion. This is rage.

I have seen too deeply inside of him. Angelus longs to be human. He longs to feel the sun on his back. He longs to feel his heart racing with adrenaline. .

It hurts now. I am thrust back in the real world where the floor is hard and unyielding beneath me. This is concrete. I can feel the strain in my wrists, and the rough abrasions that Angelus has left on my body. But the thing about pain, the thing that Angelus knows, is that I crave it. Pain is my pleasure.

I am back inside my head, the sanctuary that Angelus has penetrated, and I feel his fist tighten painfully within the mess of my hair. He tugs and I grunt in appreciation. I flick my tongue over the crest of his cock. I suck, I hollow my cheeks, and I can already start to taste his come. One of my hands cups his heavy balls; the other strokes the velvet shaft. Up and down, I coax his climax from him.

I. Will. Win.

He growls and in one swift motion, he uses his fist full of hair to wrench his cock from my mouth. I look up at Angelus and his cock bops up and down. The sun sets over the ocean and its night again in my dream world. It is a small victory, but one that I cherish. I can hear and smell the ocean again, and I inhale deeply.

In the darkness, I can see the glistening of my saliva on his hardness and I feel a rush of moisture dribble down my thigh. Angelus looms above me, pushing me down onto the earthy grass forcing to move from a kneeling position to a position where I’m lying on my back.

It's soft here, so unlike the hard concrete dungeon that Angelus currently ravishes me in. I feel him, not at my sex, but at my anus, his tongue lapping arousal that has dripped from my femininity. His mouth travels up my thigh, sucking, biting, and reclaiming the arousal leaking out while I feast on his flesh. I cry out into the darkness and the cresting waves are no match for the breath that is forced from my lungs.

"I. Will. Have. You."

I hear it, I feel it, and Angelus means it.

Had my months that I'd spent in with Angelus been a game? Had he let me win, let this game of cat and mouse go on just for my benefit? I was never truly his prisoner; we both knew that. Angelus is bound by the sun and the moon. I could have left at any moment, but I never did. I never wanted to.

All of a sudden, it is light once more, and the sun reflects high in the sky. Angelus is the one who looks like an angel now. The sun shines above him, and his pale skin glitters with sweat. He caresses my face with the tips of his fingers. I moan, a soft breathy moan. Angelus is gentle as he pushes his index finger into my ass, the hole wet from his mouth. I feel the tight ring of muscle clench around the invasion. I push away from his finger, unhappy, but Angelus takes what he wants.

I try to turn my head, but the gentle touch on my face turns harsh. He holds me, his fingers pinching and bruising as he covers my mouth with his palm. Its darkness again and Angelus is no angel.

Angelus pulls his finger out of my ass to gather liquid from my core with his unsoiled fingers. He lubricates them, makes the tight pink rosette wet with my arousal. He teases me first with his mouth. His tongue is soft and wet as he traces the star there. I quiver in anticipation. With long wet swipes, he licks a line from ass to my pussy and I writhe in pleasure.

Two fingers are suddenly thrust into my back passage and I moan against the hand that covers my mouth. Angelus thrusts them in and out, stretching and opening the tight ring of muscles there. He's preparing me and I cry out in the pain that the thought gives way to. His eyes are like glowing embers in the darkness. Just barely, I can make out his features.

Bumpy forehead, mouth curved into a sneer, fangs gleaming white in the darkness that presses into me from all sides.

Angelus kneels before, and an action that should be awkward, isn't. Angelus is many things, but never awkward.

All of a sudden, I'm torn in half. Torn and ripped open as I feel Angelus' huge cock pierce my ass. He pulls out and in the real world, I feel him thrust into my sex. Back and forth, he strokes, in one end, out the other. He alternates between reality and fantasy until I can't distinguish between the two. He's fucking my sex in one dimension, my ass in another. I'm so full, so deliciously full I weep to the mother God to save my soul from the depravity that is Angelus.

In my dream world, the dewy grass that was once so soft on my naked skin now feels itchy. In reality, the hard concrete that lines my back as Angelus presses his powerful strokes in to me hurts. I can't take it. I'm being torn in two.

There is pain. Pain from being too full. Pain from his fangs as he clamps down around my nipple. So much delicious pain and I cry out once more. My breasts feel full and tender. Angelus attacks me there. Wherever I think, I want him to be, he's suddenly there. He's deep inside of my body, my mind, and in my most private places. I can't tell up from down. I can't tell where I am. There is darkness, concrete, and water and everything is happening so fast. The sky flickers from light to dark. I can smell the ocean, and then I cannot. I can hear the waves and then they are gone.

"Yes.” I gasp.

I feel tiny spasms all over my body and I realize its Angelus' power.

He cheats, but God help me if I care. With that thought, the feeling that I am about to burst into a million pieces vanishes. I am in my dream world, alone, and I stand on that cliff that over looks the ocean. I look down at the jagged rocks beneath me and its destructive beauty leaves me breathless.

Angelus is silent as his bare feet pad through the grass that sways gently with the wind. He stands behind me, not touching, just a breath of air between his chest and my back. I can feel the power that radiates off his body in waves so strong they match the destruction of the waves below me.

Angelus touches me now, he smoothes his hands up over my shoulders, tenderly, and I know its a ruse. He steps into me so our bodies are flush. I can feel his hardness press against my lower back and I turn my head back to smile up at him. He bends down, his amber eyes flickering from chocolate brown to golden yellow and back to brown.

He kisses me, so softly I feel a resonating ache in my bones. My Angel.

"Jump.” He whispers against my mouth, his tongue flicking out to taste a drop of blood that has suddenly leaked from the corner of my mouth.

I was suddenly thrust against the concrete, Angelus' face a masked veil of concentrated glorious beauty as my dream world shattered. His fingers twisted my clit as he pounded into me. Angelus bent his head down to my neck, and when I didn't obliged, he forced me. His hands were rough on my face as he pinned me to the ground with his body. I called out in pain that was my pleasure and I felt the first spark of disastrous bliss overtake me.

My culmination ripped through my body. It didn't grow and start to peak in its intensity until I was left breathless and needy for Angelus to push me over that last crescendo. No, it was sudden and consuming. Angelus thrust into me, and I was screaming. I screamed his name. I screamed to God. I just screamed until the only thing that was left was me standing on the cliff in my mind.

I jumped.

I felt my gown flutter as the wind cut around my body. I could hear it, the fabric dancing in the wind. I could taste the salt of the ocean as I approached it. I dove, gracefully, to the crashing waves beneath me as I felt my orgasm rip through my mind, body and soul.

In reality, Angelus’ fangs sink deep into my neck as he thrusts into me one last time. He trembles as he shoots his cold semen deep inside of me. He drinks deep. My blood, the rich slayer blood, overflows from his mouth and runs in sticky rivulets down my neck. The concrete beneath our writhing bodies quickly stains with my blood. There is so much blood and I can see it, in my dream world, as I approached the rocky cliffs that were wet from the oceans waves.

In perfect clarity, I could see Angelus on top of me; see the flexing dimples of his ass as he pumped and rode out his climax. I could see the corded tendons of his neck, the smooth alabaster skin of his back flawed by the red bloody tracks of my nails.

I hit the jagged rocks silently and my broken body made no sound. With one final gasp I smiled at the darkness of Angelus' power as if finally took over mind. We melted in one perfect being of light and dark as he feasted at my neck. The greedy little sounds of sucking were the last thing I heard as my body numbed with immeasurable pleasure.

* * *

I woke, my eyes snapping open into the darkness of night. I turned my head, feeling the stiffness that ached at my muscles. I raised my hand, my body lifting without effort. I raised, the silk sheets around me fluttering from my pale naked flesh as my feet padded across the cool concrete. Candlelight flickered from the stone scones that were countersunk into the concrete walls.

I hadn't remembered getting up from the bed. Everything that I thought was. Some how I just knew this. Just like how I knew I'd been changed.

I thought of standing, I suddenly I was. If I thought of blood, I knew I'd have a goblet of rich crimson fluid in my hand. I thought of Angelus, and suddenly he was there.

Angelus now slept on the bed that I had awoken in alone. I was no longer alone. I'd never be alone again. I walked past the temptation of his naked flesh to stop at the window.

I took a deep breath and smiled. The air was full of salt. The sea. I turned to face my lover, my lord, and my sire. The power that surged in my veins was like my pleasure, was like my pain, immeasurable. I felt the emptiness of my soul. My sanctuary was gone, left was only a path of darkness that crackled and sizzled in my veins.

I looked to my sleeping angel, his body silhouetted by the light of the moon. So much power. So much beauty.

I closed my eyes, felt the whispering of voices gently pressing at my mind. They fluttered all around me like a thousand tiny wings of a butterfly. I wondered if this was how Drusilla felt. I wondered if this was the haunting that drove her to insanity. As I thought it, the voices narrowed in my mind. Things became silent, and I could hone every sound down to just one.

"Yes mommy. The bees sting as they whisper. Always whispering."

Angelus woke with a gasp of unneeded breath, and there was astonishment in his chocolate depths.

I strode over to him, my feet gliding over the cool ground. The soles of my feet fluttered gracefully on the fine layer of air that rested just above the concrete. I didn't feel the coldness of the floor; nor I felt the warmth of the air as I glided on it.

Angelus looked at me, really looked at me, and I could hear the voices in his head. He'd made a mistake. A huge detrimental mistake.


"Shush, sire," I whispered to him, caressing him with my inner voice as my fingernails trailed down his alabaster cheek.

I closed my eyes and searched with my power. I let it waft over the seas, over the mass of humanity that cuddled in their beds. I found my slayers, the beings that were now mine to call. I saw them, thousands of them, look up into the void, as I called to them.

"Come.” I whispered.

When Angelus turned me, he turned us all. My power was their power. With the darkness of my will, so be theirs. Angelus had created an army, but dammed if I wasn't the one leading the troops. Yes. Angelus had made a mistake. Now, I was more powerful than him. Now, it would be me fucking his mind for an eternity to come.

The End.

AN: This is a one shot fic, but there are plans to write this scene in Angelus POV. I would really appreciate your feedback. This was a bit different for me, so please tell me what you liked and what you thought I could improve upon.

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