Papa Bear


AUTHOR:  Yseult (

SUMMARY:  An exploration of the relationship between Buffy, Angel, and Spike

PAIRING:  B/A with suggestions of B/S

GENRE:  Dark

RATING:  NC-17 for sex and stuff


AN:  Thoughts are in italics. 



She woke up because he was growling in her ear.  It wasn’t the danger kind of growling he usually made before he jumped into a fight.  It wasn’t even  the sexy kind of growling she’d just imagined in the middle of an incredibly torrid dream.  No, this was the growling he made when he was unhappy and wanted her to know he was unhappy without having to tell her he was unhappy.  God, was that even a sentence?  I need more sleep.


She rolled into his chest and batted him on the arm.  “Angel,” she mumbled, “shut up and go back to sleep.”


“There’s somebody in our bed.”  His response was low and threatening.


Buffy opened her eyes, looked at Angel’s naked chest, and sighed.  “There’s always somebody in our bed.  Usually it’s our daughter.  Can we please go back to sleep?”


“Hrmph.”  He is bound and determined to have this conversation.  She may as well deal with whatever the problem was now or he’d be growling for the rest of the night.  “Spit it out, Angel, I’ve gotta get up in a couple of hours.”


He pulled her to him and ran his hand down her back following her natural curves.  “I told you, there’s somebody in our bed.”


She looked into his face.  It was too dark to see his eyes but she guessed that they were golden and not that deep mahogany colour she always drowned in.


“Okay, Papa Bear, I’ll play but I’m telling you right now, it’s your daughter.”


His hand slipped under her nightdress.  She wasn’t wearing underwear.  Usually he would have taken this as an invitation to explore her body.  Right now, it just infuriated him.  How can she lie here like this?  Is she trying to kill me?


“Last time I checked our daughter was not male or blonde or a chainsmoking vampire.” His teeth were clenched so hard she thought his jaw was going to break. Uh-oh.  She’d forgotten about Spike.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  She was so sleep-deprived between Slaying and a new baby, she hadn’t been thinking at all about Angel’s reaction to Spike sleeping in their bed.  And usually, it was the baby in the bed with them.


“I can explain.”  And she did, hurriedly, because even in the dark, she could feel Angel’s anger.


When the baby had woken for her midnight feeding, Buffy had decided to nurse her in the comfort of their bed.  Usually her daughter didn’t take that much at this feeding, and Angel liked the leftovers.  And Buffy liked that Angel liked the leftovers and I need to get my mind back on Spike and why he’s in our bed. She had heard the vampire come in and and sit down heavily on the stairs.  Holding the baby in one arm, she’d leaned over the banister to check how drunk Spike was.  When he’d looked up at her, there were tears running down his cheeks.


“Spike, what happened?”  He’d quickly wiped at the tears with his coatsleeves, but she’d seen them.  Buffy nearly tripped running down the stairs to comfort him.  She had never seen Spike cry.  Something terrible must have happened.


“I’m fine, pet.  Didn’t mean to wake you up.”  She looked incredible for a woman who had a three-month-old baby.  He would have taken her right there if he thought he could get away with it.  But he could hear his great pouf of a sire upstairs tossing in the bed.  He wasn’t particularly in the mood for another almost-staking from Angel.  One had been quite enough, thank you.  Besides, for once, Buffy wasn’t the reason that he was so miserable.


“Tell me,” said Buffy, and shifted her fidgety daughter around on her lap.  The baby started rooting for her mother’s nipple.


“I think she wants to eat,” Spike observed.  Buffy looked down at her daughter.  “She always wants to eat.  C’mon.  We can talk in my room while I feed her.”


Spike followed her into the room she shared with Angel.  He would’ve sworn his Sire was sound asleep until Buffy climbed back into the bed.  One arm snaked around her waist, and Angel snuggled into her body.  Buffy laid the baby on the comforter, and propped the pillows behind her back.  She elbowed Angel to loosen his grip on her.  He mumbled and let her go.  She picked the baby up and began to unbutton the front of her nightshirt.


Spike couldn’t tear his eyes away as she brought her baby’s mouth to her breast.  Even though they hadn’t been lovers for years, her body was still amazing.  His jeans suddenly felt very constrictive.  Now it was his turn to fidget.  She glared at him  “Sit still.  You’re worse than your niece.”  Then she realized what the problem was, and started to giggle.  Spike took out a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth unlit.  He’d given up smoking as soon as he’d heard she was pregnant.


“So,” she said and patted the space beside her, “tell me.”  He scooted up beside her and played with her daughter’s feet.  “She doesn’t want to see me, anymore,”  he began.


He talked while the baby nursed and burped and nursed some more.  By the time Buffy’s daughter was sleeping soundly in her mother’s arms, Spike was also sleeping soundly in her mother’s bed.  Buffy looked at him and sighed.  He looked so vulnerable, like a little boy.  And she knew, from past experience, it was nearly impossible to wake a sleeping vampire.  She crawled out of the bed, carefully holding the baby and put her back in her crib.  She checked the baby monitor and quietly closed the door.  She grabbed a quilt from the linen closet and headed back to her room.  Buffy gently covered her blonde vampire and kissed him on his cheek.  “It’ll be better in the morning,” she whispered.  Then she got back into bed.


Angel’s arm went around her automatically.  “Baby?” he murmured.  “She’s done and asleep,” Buffy answered. Angel was half-asleep too, but he grinned anyway.  “Good.  My turn.”  He pawed at Buffy’s nightdress until he had her left breast in his hand.  She sighed deeply as his mouth sucked and tugged on her nipple and he was rewarded with her sweet milk.  She shuddered as wave after orgasmic wave went through her body.  Oh, yes, there were definite benefits to breastfeeding.  Angel was just like his daughter, he tended to drift off with Buffy’s nipple in his mouth.  Buffy followed him into dreamland soon after, and forgot all about Spike.


Angel’s hand between her legs brought her abruptly back to the present.  “So, you just let Spike fall asleep in our bed because you felt sorry for him?”  He punctuated each word with two fingers sliding in and out of her as his thumb simultaneously caressed her clit.  “I’m thinking, now, that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea,” she breathlessly replied while she stifled her moans.  “You think?” and suddenly Angel plunged three fingers into her as he rolled a nipple between his teeth.  Buffy bit his shoulder so she wouldn’t cry out.  Angel’s tongue was by her ear.  “I don’t share my mate with anyone,” he warned, and he licked her scar.  With those words, he entered her in one smooth motion.


Buffy inhaled sharply.  He’s not really going to do what I think he’s going to do, is he?  As he started to move his hips, she realized the answer was yes, he was.  He was going to fuck her senseless with Spike in the bed right next to her.  She started to get angry.  Just who does he think he is?  I’m his mate?  He doesn’t share? I am not some possession that he can…Her thought dissolved in the face of her body-shattering orgasm.  Who the hell am I kidding?  He can do anything he wants as long as he does this.


Spike was trapped, and he was angry.  He’d woken up when Angel had started to growl.  He knew that the sexual encounter going on beside him was as much for him as it was for Buffy.  His Sire was telling him that Buffy did not belong to Spike and here’s what he was missing.  It was a punishment worthy of Angelus:  see and hear what you can never ever have again.  He grimaced when the bed shook as Angel climaxed moaning Buffy’s name.  When he thought they were both finally sleeping, Spike got out of the bed.


Angel’s voice stilled him.  “Share a bed with my mate for whatever reason and I will stake your sorry ass.”  Spike closed the door behind him and stood in the hallway.


 “Yes, Sire.”

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