Synopsis: Buffy and Angel find their way back to one another.
Content: B/A smut. It's a PWP because my brain is still too fried to try anything with plot.
Disclaimer: Let's think about this logically. If they were mine, why would I be writing this? I own nothing but the plot, if you can even call it one. The characters are property of that evil guy, Joss Whedon. I guess I do mean some infringement, 'cause I'm using the characters without his permission...anyone who has a problem with that should deal and move on.
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: About three or four years in the future.
Spoilers: The entire B/A canon, I suppose.
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Author's Notes: Long time no fic, huh? Sorry 'bout that... My writer's block hasn't totally been lifted, although I'm sure a few more new episodes will cure it. I figured we could all use a little smut...
Feedback: It's like sex, it's not important until you aren't getting any.
Dedication: To Stacy for the encouragement a while back, and Shirl for all her kind words and amazing feedback.


It was time.

It had been building for years, this energy, this force. It could no longer be denied, no longer be ignored. It was too strong, too powerful, too true. They were helpless, drawn together by it. They couldn't fight the simple truth.

More importantly, they didn't want to.

They faced each other in the secluded place that had been long-abandoned--but never forgotten. It had been in this very place that they had shared a night of pure ecstasy, of confessions, and of love. It seemed fitting that it would be the setting for their reunion.

"It's time, isn't it," she said quietly, her dancing eyes and soaring soul betraying her calmness. She had matured much since the last time, had grown up and faced her demons--both real and internal. She no longer fought destiny, merely let it guide her and trusted that the Powers That Be would right their wrong. Patience--however painful it was--paid off.

He nodded once, his throat too tight for words. For years he had dreamed of this day, this moment where the one thing that he had wanted most would no longer be denied to him. He had taken steps toward becoming someone, and had succeeded. He had misunderstood in the beginning, when he had first seen her and expressed his desire to be someone to be counted. It had taken years of hard work, dedication, and tears, but he had made it.

He was almost free.

It was indeed time.

They stood in heated silence for an eternity, not needing words. Everything they felt, everything they thought was communicated through eye contact.

She took the first step towards him, and in less than a moment they were standing face to face, her breath hot on his slightly-exposed chest. There was so many things she wanted to tell him, so much she had to say...

"I know," he whispered, his chocolate eyes piercing her hazel ones, calming her. She felt peace settle over them and she relaxed. There was no need to rush, as she would have done in the past. Time had taught her the art of patience, and she used it now easily.

"Angel, I--"

"Shh," he said again, a smirk tugging at his lips as he pressed a single finger to hers. "I know, Buffy. I know."

And she knew that he knew, for he had always known. He knew her, he knew her heart and her soul and her mind because ultimately they were one and the same. And they both knew that their love could no longer be denied. Something that had always felt so right couldn't be so wrong any longer.

Tentatively she drew his head down to meet hers, their lips touching for the first time in an eternity that had been filled with loneliness and pain. She whimpered and their control broke. Angel pulled her to him with a desire that took over his senses, desperately seeking the haven of her mouth. His cool lips met her hot ones in a clash of fire and ice as she pressed her body against his.

Hungry for him now, Buffy plunged her tongue into his mouth, demanding he play. He met her easily, his arms snaking around her waist to hold her up when he felt her legs tremble. Somehow her arms had wrapped around his neck, her fingers gently teasing the short hairs at the base of his skull. The evidence of his desire was pressed firmly against her stomach, making her keen in response. It had been so long, much too long...

It was so natural to be in her embrace once more. They kissed with fire, with love and passion and the memory of a million tears. She skillfully sucked his tongue into her mouth, nibbling on his lower lip before releasing him, gasping for breath.

He took the initiative and swept her off her feet, carrying her the short distance to the bedroom. Buffy laughed happily and nuzzled his neck, pressing gentle kisses along his jaw.

"I love you," she whispered into his ear.

"And I you," he replied as he gently set her down at the foot of the bed and lowered his head to kiss her once more.

"Angel, there's so much to say, so much--"

"Later, my love," the vampire said with a smile. "When you can't keep your eyes open anymore, we'll...well, we'll sleep for a while and then probably do it again...but somewhere down the road we'll talk."

"And why won't I be able to keep my eyes open?" Buffy asked playfully, rubbing her lower body against his.

"Because I'll have worshipped you so much that you'll be too tired to," he replied, his tone holding a note of promise.

She shivered unconsciously, longing to finish their banter so he could make good what he had just said. "Sounds like a plan to me," Buffy said, reaching up to guide his mouth down to hers. Their lips fused in a fury of passion and desire that had been suppressed for much too long. They held each other desperately, as though breaking contact would separate them forever.

Her fingers skillfully found the buttons of his silk shirt as his found the zipper of her sundress. She undid each one with ease, breaking away from him to devour every inch of smooth chest she exposed. He slid the straps of her dress off her thin shoulders with trembling hands and carefully bent over to nibble and lick her shoulders and neck, exploring its small valleys and crevices.

Buffy finally got his shirt unbuttoned and he helped shrug it off. It landed in a puddle on the floor with a soft sigh and her dress quickly followed, leaving her clad only in a simple, elegant black thong. Angel's pants joined the heap of clothing at their feet, leaving the article their only wall. Their eyes remained locked the entire time, and somewhere along the way their mysterious link had been opened, allowing them to know exactly what the other was feeling.

She moved to pull off their only boundary when he stopped her with gentle hands on her wrists. He pushed them away, his eyes burning hers as he whispered, "Leave it on." She merely nodded, a smile creeping onto her lips.

"Like what you see?" she teased, her eyes sparkling as she broke their gaze to stare at him. "I know I do." He was even more beautiful than she remembered, smooth pale skin covering hard muscle. His chest and stomach were cut and toned, and she had the overwhelming urge to lick and kiss every inch of him so that she could properly memorize him. A thin line of curly dark hair trailed from his navel down to his long, thick, jutting erection.

Buffy felt her mouth literally start to water as she stared at it.

"You're even more beautiful than I remembered," Angel whispered, reaching out a shaking hand to caress her warm cheek. She leaned into it, closing her eyes to savor the feeling.

His hand moved from her cheek, traveling slowly as he traced her slightly-parted lips, and then her jaw. He trailed it down her throat and over her left breast, ignoring the puckered nipple. She whimpered when he continued down, tracing each of her ribs before swirling around her navel. He dipped one finger under the waistband of her underwear and teased her, a smirk on his lips.


"Shh," he admonished, leaning down to occupy her lips with a tender kiss. She stepped towards him and as soon as their skin came in contact all tenderness was abandoned in favor of raw passion. He crushed her to him and she moaned as her aching nipples found some relief against the great expanse of his chest.

"I love you," she mumbled against his lips again. The words seemed so inadequate to describe the depth of feelings she had for him, but they would do. He knew there was much more to it than that, it was what made them so perfect.

"I love you," he said. Desire that had been suppressed for years boiled beneath his cold skin, and he fought to control it, wanting to make this as memorable and special as possible. He towered over her as he guided her to sit at the edge of the bed, and then surprised her by kneeling between her legs.


"You just don't know when to be quiet, do you?" he teased, kissing her again and bringing a hand up to smooth her blond hair out of her face.

"One of my best qualities," she replied. "But too much talk, not enough kissing."

"Well we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?" He nibbled at her lips, urging her to open them and let him in. She parted them and he slipped his tongue into her mouth, pressing his body against hers. She tried to pull him up onto the bed, but he resisted and broke away from her, moving to lick and nibble his way down her neck.

With light, feather-like kisses he moved from her neck to her breasts, where her dusky nipples jutted out angrily, demanding attention. Chuckling, he ducked his head to capture one in his mouth, causing Buffy to moan in pleasure as he swirled his tongue. A thin sheen of sweat had broken out on her tiny body as he nibbled at her skin, moving his tongue over the swell of her breast before pressing a tender kiss in the valley between.

He turned his attention to her neglected nipple, leaving the one he had just been sucking on glistening. She bucked her hips forward in vain, trying to relieve the tension building in her loins. Angel smirked against her breast and placed his hands gently on her hips to still her movements.

"Angel," she whined. "Foreplay later, inside me now."

He growled at her words, fighting down the almost-violent urge to do just that. In response he ripped her thong from her body, and, ignoring his painfully hard cock and her protests, he buried his head into the apex of her thighs and began devouring her slick hot flesh.

Buffy screamed as her body nearly arched off the bed, her fingers finding purchase in his hair. "Angel..." she whimpered, trying to pull him away. "Later. Need you now."

"I...I need to taste you, it--it's been so long..." he groaned before moving forward again. He parted her sex easily with his fingers and lapped at her clit, as she strained and groaned above him. She was so wet that her slippery dew dripped from her, drenching his face and the insides of her thighs.

Buffy began to pant when he carefully inserted first one, then two fingers into her, loosening her for him. She began whispering his name mindlessly, begging for release. "Please...An-Angel, please," she moaned as her fingers wove through his dark hair, guiding his mouth to where she needed it the most. Angel obliged, flicking her clit several times before taking the straining bud into his mouth and worrying it with his teeth while he pushed a third finger into her.

With a blood-curdling scream she came, his name on her lips. A rush of moisture was his reward and he lapped it up eagerly, not being able to get enough of her sweet taste. Buffy rode the waves of orgasmic bliss for several long moments that seemed to stretch on for an eternity before she slowly came back down.

Using her Slayer strength she pulled Angel off his knees and over her as she fluidly slid up the bed. He chuckled and moved to wipe her wetness off his face, but she was too impatient to let him. She pulled his head down to hers as their bodies melded seamlessly together, his hard, throbbing cock resting on her stomach.

"God I love your mouth," she murmured with a sly smile. The corners of his lips turned up in masculine satisfaction at her words as he braced himself above her, supporting his weight on his hands.

"Is that all you love about me?" he asked, his eyes sparkling. She smirked.


"What else?" he prodded, leaning down to kiss her.

"Your fingers," she said, running her hands slowly up his arms, which rested on either side of her head.

"That's it?"

"Your smile...your tongue," Buffy teased, leaning up to pepper kisses on his face. She moved her hands to his back, rubbing over smooth hard muscle. "And this," she whispered, her eyes locked on his as she reached between them and grasped his cock, causing him to jump and moan softly. "I love all of you, Angel, your body and your mind and your soul...and if you don't get inside of me now you're going to regret it."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?" he agreed, shifting to position himself at her dripping entrance. He ached for the delicious friction of her body, the bliss that being inside of her was. Angel gazed down at her with serious eyes, looking deep into her soul. His stare was the warm, penetrating one she had first written about in her diary all those years before. She felt him nestled between her thighs, his cock nearly throbbing in want.

"Angel, please..." she whispered brokenly, sudden tears of frustration welling in her eyes. He leaned down to kiss her, sweeping his tongue over her lips before pushing it inside to taste her. "I need you so much..."

"I love you, Buffy Summers," he murmured hoarsely, his forehead resting against hers lovingly. He looked down and saw her curls and himself waiting patiently outside of them. The emotions emanating from him nearly made her burst out in tears, but she swallowed the lump in her throat and spread her legs in silent invitation.

"I love you too, Angel," she said for the third time that night, meaning it even more than before. She felt him tremble above her and was about to ask what was wrong when the world stopped spinning as he gently pushed into her.

He heard Buffy gasp but was too busy trying to latch on to the worn threads of his self control to keep from spilling himself like some hormonal teenage boy. Swallowing, he pushed all the way in until he was completely sheathed in her tight, hot core. His eyes rolled back unconsciously as he felt her inner muscles ripple, her body striving to accommodate his massive girth.

They were both panting as he pulled back inch by exquisite inch, until only the head of his cock was still inside her. He pushed back in as she gripped him with her muscles, trying to pull him deeper. He bumped against her cervix lightly, and the twinge of pain only added to her pleasure. It was better than she remembered, here, in his embrace was the purest heaven she'd ever known.

He set up a slow rhythm, although he really didn't know how he was controlling himself from pounding her into the mattress. She matched him easily, locking down on him with her vise-like muscles to hold him inside longer.

Angel ducked his head once more to suckle tenderly at her breast, flicking his tongue over her puckered nipple in time with his thrusts. She was moaning loudly, waves of pleasure washing gently over her sun-kissed features.

"Angel," she whispered, a serene smile on her lips. "Harder."

He could never deny her, especially when he craved the same thing. Abandoning all tenderness, he thrust into her wildly, his cock rubbing against her swollen, sensitive tissue. She arched up into him, her nipples pressing against his chest as she clawed her way down his back to his clenched ass, aiding him in his thrusting.

Angel felt himself edge closer and closer to his peak, and desperately wanted to share it with her. He reached down and found her drenched clit, rolling it between his fingers non-too-gently. He felt himself being rhythmically engulfed and released as his frail control began to slip.

Buffy was tossing her head from side to side, mindless in her pleasure. It was too much, his cold, hard cock pounding away at her silken walls while he manipulated her extremely-sensitive clit with talented fingers. She tensed and her core clenched around him tightly, locking him in place as she came.

She screamed his name in release, holding onto him for dear life as the strongest orgasm of her life rocked through her. Wave upon wave of pleasure rippled through her sweat-soaked body. She froze when she heard Angel shout, tears of pure happiness running down her cheeks.

He was screaming her name.

She felt him jerk spasmodically against her before he bathed her with cool jets of his seed. It helped calm her burning desire, soothing her. Angel collapsed in her embrace, his sweaty body sticking to hers. They lay together in a tangle of limbs as both came down from their incredible high and Buffy's breathing slowed.

Buffy felt Angel begin to tremble in her arms, and she nuzzled his cheek with hers to get him to look at her. He buried his face in her blond hair, which was fanned out on the pillow, and began to weep.

"Angel?" Buffy whispered worriedly. "Angel, what's wrong?"

He was silent as he held her and cried tears of pure joy and happiness, his softening cock still buried in her fire. She furrowed her brow but didn't press, merely brought her hands up to play with his wet hair as he cried. Their sweaty bodies stuck together, but instead of making her cringe it was welcome. It gave them a closeness they hadn't had in years, and she relished in it, basking in his love.

Angel spoke so quietly that she had to strain to hear him. "I...I never thought I'd be with you again," he said against her shoulder, pressing gentle, loving kisses to her collarbone. "I love you so much, I always have and I always will."

Tears sprang to Buffy's eyes and love radiated through her body at his words, she had longed to hear for years. "I love you too. Nothing else matters now," she told him softly, her voice thick with emotion. "Only that we're together."

They lay in content silence for a long time, their tears mixing and mingling on their skin. Finally Angel moved to roll off her, afraid he'd crush her with his body weight. She whimpered at the loss and made a move to keep him on top of her.

"Stay," she pleaded, gazing into his chocolate eyes.

"Believe me when I say I'd love to," Angel said, leaning down to kiss her gently when she whined softly as he slipped out. "But the laws of biology just aren't letting me."

"We've been denied long enough, you'd think that they'd give us a break," she whined as he pulled her into his arms, her back molding with his chest perfectly, their entwined hands resting on her belly. He chuckled as he kissed the top of her head, and she wriggled to get comfortable.

Her squirming quickly aroused him again and she groaned good-naturedly when he started nibbling on her ear.

"Can't I sleep for a little while?" she asked. He smirked and turned her in his arms so that they were facing each other.

"Not so fast. I'm not done with you yet," he told her with a wicked grin, his hand worming its way down to her core, where he found her once again hot and slippery, their combined juices oozing out of her. She twisted and moaned before he captured her lips in a fiery kiss that left her breathless.

"Well, maybe I'm not *that* tired," she said with a grin, pushing him over and climbing astride him. "Slayer's stamina should be good for something, right?"


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