Shock and Disbelief

D.M. Evans
Disclaimer – so not mine. All rights belong to Joss Whedon et al
Rating – Pg-13
Pairing – B/A
Time line – After series
Summary – When Buffy agreed to help the crew move, she never expected this.
Author’s Note – This was written for scribesds for the kink meme. The prompts she gave me was B/A and ‘whip.’ I’m pretty sure this is not what anyone was expecting.



Buffy wrinkled her nose. When she had shown up in L.A. to help mop up the demon spill over from the Black Thorn incidence, she didn’t know what to expect. Angel working with Spike; Spike lusting after a blue-haired demon queen; Angel with a kid; it made her head spin.

However, she eventually settled in and helped them all move into a new compound, something they could share with her, Faith and a few other Slayers – those willing to forget the Dana debacle Andrew had helped to cause. She could only guess how well this might work but it was worth the attempt. What she hadn’t counted on – though she couldn’t say why – was Angel having this much junk to move.

Putting the box down on the bedroom dresser, Buffy opened it and instead of the books she was expecting, she found a battered leather hat and a bullwhip. Shocked, she lifted the items out of the box and glanced over at Angel. She brandished them. “Do I even want to know?”

Angel shot her a sheepish grin. “Indiana Jones.”

Buffy couldn’t have been more shocked if Angel said ‘I like my foreplay to be you whipping grapefruit at me and telling me I’m bad.’ “What?”

“I love Indiana Jones movies.” Angel spread his huge hands. “They’re fun.”

“So you ran out and decided to cosplay him?” Buffy asked incredulously.

Angel gave the impression he’d blush if he were capable. “Sort of but I look good in leather and that whip can be a lot of fun.” His voice thickened, taking up a sensual tone. There was no mistaking the lust that clouded his dark eyes.

Buffy gazed at the whip then up at him. “Show me.”

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