Strange Fruit


She was a sensual, sensuous creature in all things. In the thrill of the fight, the throes of desire and indeed even in the mundane burden of the everyday.

Like now. Something so unextraordinary, so commonplace, she still managed to convert to the most erotic sight Angel had ever seen.

She was eating a mango, the evidence of which lay liberally spread across her mouth, cheeks, chin, dripping seductively down long, elegant fingers and making steady tracks down her forearms with an almost deliberate slowness.

It was torture.

She grinned like a wicked child, stealing another mouthful of the sweet fruit, her eyes flitting shut at the delicious cold that seeped through her system, shivering as it overtook her completely, all from the small, simple bite.

And she took another. And another. Twisting it between her fingertips so that no abundant piece of flesh was left unattended.

Her eyes, slowly, laboriously lifted as the main body of the mango had fallen away into the abyss of her mouth, hints of the white seed peeking through what remained of the fruit.

She grinned, a predatory gleam shining through as she eyed the prey that lay prone in her hands, surrendered to the bliss of the attentions she gave it with her mouth and tongue, a slow, welcome death.

Her mouth opened wide to latch onto the seed, scraping her teeth across the hard core's surface and drawing the fibers of its fine hairs into her mouth, stealing away the flesh that still clung desperately there.

A small smile of satisfaction crept across her face, allowing the fruit some small reprieve from her attack as she allowed her captured mouthful to trickle down her throat. This was the best part. The slightly sour tinge that coloured this resisting part of the fruit only served to make the conquest of it all the more sweeter.

She performed this act again and again, sucking the fibers into her mouth with gentle force before relenting to swallow the fruits of her efforts.

Finally, she came to the last threads that were still the mango, taking the entire seed into her mouth.

Angel wondered if she had indeed deep-throated it, mesmerised by the still insistent sucking actions of her mouth as her throat gently milked the last of the flesh down to her belly.

She slowly withdrew it from the warm, wet cavern of her mouth, teeth still draining the last dregs which she eventually released and allowed the silky hairs to run back and forth across her upper lip and soft palate.

Sighing, she placed the cleaned seed on the plate that lay waiting on her bed before noticing the trail of juice that still lay on her fingers and arms.

Grinning at this added bonus round, she proceeded to lick down the side of her hand, decidedly forgoing her delectable fingers, saving them for last and followed the path left for her.

Angel growled at the sight. Here was his lover, licking away at her own silky flesh after having tasted another's, perhaps finally able to realise the sweetness that he himself found there.

Surely, he decided, this was too much for a man to take.

That is, until she took a long digit into her mouth and mimicked her earlier assault on the mango's seed.

His roar was lost to the night wind, rushing by him as he finally sped towards and through her bedroom window, holding her hand out of the way in a tight possessive grip as he plundered her mouth tasting of the sweet fruit's nectar.

He broke the kiss abrutply, breathing hard to calm himself before he firmly took a finger into his own mouth, steadily holding her in his unwavering gaze.

Buffy grinned, her little girl voice hitting straight to his groin. "Jealous?"

He shook his head, a smirk of his own on his face as he took her other hand and finished it off.

"Just looked like fun." came the gentle rumble of a reply as he quickly dropped to his knees, making short work of the robe that rested comfortably on her shoulders.

He inhaled, her scent so strongly spicing the air, he knew she was more than ready for him, but he looked up at her anyway, half asking for permission, half daring her to stop him.

She simply graced a smile on him, placing her hand at the base of his neck and guiding his head towards her core like leading a starving man to water.

But here he needed no leading, running his tongue up and down the opening of her netherlips before he teased them apart, able to then enter her in an exploratory sweep across the sensitive flesh that lay beyond that entrance.

She gasped at this light, teasing contact, urging his head closer with the hand that still lay wrapped around his neck.

He grinned against her swollen skin before delving into her, stiffening his tongue as he invaded her with short, sharp jabs, one hand grabbing hold of her tiny waist, forcing her against his assault as his other was snatched away by her own, pulling it to her mouth to take his fingers into her mouth, the sweet undulations of her tongue against his skin not unlike the spasms that soon overtook her core.

Angel's cock strained against the tight denim of his jeans, imagining it within her mouth instead of his fingers, imagining it just within her and he quickly bought her to orgasm using a few nips of blunt teeth on her clit and she responded in turn, sucking furiously on his digits which only served to anger his cock further.

"You really shouldn't do that, you know," he ground out, referring to her inflamatory actions as he flung off his clothing into unknown corners of the room, "biting off more than you can chew."

'More than I can chew, huh?" she wondered aloud, drawing him towards him by his hard hips, their positions bringing his cock to bounce directly in front of her face, "Maybe you should give me some practice then."

Angel gulped. Hard. Shaking his head with much, much difficulty. his voice barely carried, "Need to be in you. Right now."

"Right now, huh?" she asked, standing on the bed and sliding down his body until he was deep within her, both gasping at the sensation, "I think I can handle that."

Angel's response thundered through the room as he collapsed them onto the bed, instantly pounding into her as both were long past the need for foreplay.

His pubic bone slammed again and again into her clit as the tip of his cock dragged repeatedly across her already over-sensitised flesh.

Sensing her crisis, Angel raised himself on his elbows, watching the orgasm crash over her beautiful face, a breathy "Bite me." coming from her lips as she pushed him towards his neck and he took a mouthful of her sweet nectarous blood.

Giving his own strangled cry, her walls gripped him unrelentingly and massaged his seed out of him.

He collapsed then, to the pillow of her chest and she cradled him there, brushing a soothing hand through his hair.

"I think now I know how the mango feels."

Angel grinned, "Well you're a pretty strange fruit. A tease of a one at that."

Buffy looked up, an innocent veil over her eyes, "Me?"

"You knew I was there. Watching you with a raging hard-on. I could smell you, Buffy. And you didn't once invite me to join the fun. You've been a very bad girl, Buffy."

"Then maybe you should punish me." she said so softly, Angel could only hope he wasn't dreaming.

"Maybe I should." he replied through gleaming fangs.


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