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"The Fine Art of Erotic Talk" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I want to learn to talk dirty," Buffy declared as she entered their bedroom.

Angel looked up slowly from his book, his eyebrows raised in surprise. "I beg your pardon?"

She walked the rest of the way into the room and flashed her own reading material at him -- "The Fine Art of Erotic Talk" by Bonnie Gabriel.

Her lover glanced at it, and then back up at her again, his brows now drawn tight in confusion. "Why?"

Buffy plunked down beside where he was stretched out, shirtless and yummy in his silk drawstring pants, and swallowed stiffly as she set out to explain.

"Because I want you to know how you make me feel. And... it turns me on."

Angel blinked at her for a moment, then set his book on the nightstand as he sat up. "I didn't know that."

"Oh, please. You mean, you never notice how I come almost instantly whenever you talk while we're making love?"

He gave her a mischievous grin. "Well... I did sort of notice *that*. But... why the sudden interest in the "fine art" of talking dirty?" he asked, nodding toward the book in her hand.

The Slayer shrugged. "I don't know. To boldly go where we've never gone before? I mean... we've done soft bondage, we've done it in unusual and risqué places. We've experimented with wild positions... this would be something new. And... it sounds really hot."

Angel leaned a little closer, tracing the curve of her breast with a gentle fingertip. "Are you implying that you're bored with our sex life?" he purred.

Buffy felt a blush begin at her toes, and quickly consume the whole rest of her body. "Um... that'd be a big NO."

His playful half-smile took on a slightly naughtier quirk, and he dipped his head down to suckle one of her cotton-sheathed nipples between his lips, reveling in the involuntary sigh that escaped her. "Well... you know I'm always willing to ... experiment," he murmured into her quickly heating flesh. "So... how does this work, according to your expert?"

As her vampire's mouth returned to its blissfully torturous attentions, Buffy tangled her hands in his soft, thick hair, and tried to keep her mind straight enough to speak. Which wasn't even *close* to easy, as every time his lips or hands made contact with her... even through her clothes... every nerve in her body was wracked with a whole new jolt of pleasure . "She... she... says that you should... oh... Angel...yes... you should... talk about... how what you're doing feels. Or... how... it feels to... oh... have it done to you."

"Mmmm. You mean..." he softly bit down on her nipple. "Something like, 'I can taste the heat of your skin even through your shirt... the way your nipples get hard against my tongue... and the way your heartbeat keeps increasing... growing faster and faster every moment. I'm hard as a rock already, and I've barely begun to touch you yet.' Something like that?"

"Uhhhh huhhhhh..." Buffy moaned.

He chuckled as he took his beloved into his arms and laid her back on the bed, then lowered himself over her, smoothing his hands beneath her shirt and sliding it slowly up her body.

"Or... 'your skin feels like silk warmed before a fire. I could touch you just like this for eternity, and never need anything more. The goosebumps that rise up under my fingertips are so erotic... evidence that I've been here, and it makes you feel good that I have. I love to touch your breasts... feel the soft flesh quiver when you sigh and moan... the way your whole body arches up to meet my hands when I circle the tips.'"

He demonstrated his point by smoothing his palms up over her bared torso from waist to collarbone and back again, then returned to her breasts, cupping them in his hands and tenderly teasing the pebbled peaks with the pads of his thumbs.

"Ohhhhhh..." she groaned, illustrating his point even further as the soft flesh of her breasts tremored with the vibration the deep sound caused. "And... I'm... I'm... supposed to... uhhhh... tell you... how it... f-feels..."

Angel bent further over her prone form, brushing feathersoft kisses to her navel, and laving a long, languid line across her belly from hipbone to hipbone. "Please do," he encouraged.

She gripped his head as his mouth moved lower, his tongue teasing the enflamed skin just below the waistband of her shorts. "It... feels like... God, like Heaven."

Her lover stopped what he was doing and peeked up at her. "That's the best you can do? It's so cliché..." he teased.

She shot him a glare. "No critiquing. Stick to the licking."

Angel winked. "Yes, ma'am."

To prove that he was a good little helpless sex slave, he returned to his tongue's earlier activity, bracing his fingers under the waist of her shorts and pulling them down inch by inch, flickering over each bit of skin he exposed. "You taste like sunshine... like vanilla and honeysuckle. I can smell the way your blood heats up, and it makes me want to..." he had reached the apex of her form, and quickly dipped his tongue between her netherlips. "Devour you whole."

She mewled at the quick caress, and tried to force his head back again to repeat it... preferably for a lot longer.

"Uh uh uhhhh..." he chided her. "Not until you tell me how it feels."

Buffy's moan this time was more a sound of frustration than pleasure, and her grip on his hair a lot more forceful.

"This is your game," he reminded her, blowing a gentle puff of air into her sex.

She cried out at the sensation of his cool breath on her steaming hot skin. "Angel!"

He gave another quick sweep of his tongue, this one from the top of her cleft to the bottom and back again before he pulled away. "That's not erotic talk. That's just my name. I already know you can say that."

His lover's eyes flew open, and once again, she gave him a frightening glare. "EAT ME, GODDAMNIT!"

Angel laughed. "That's more like it. Hardly artistic, but... concise and to the point."

He hitched his hands under the soft flesh of her rear end and massaged the muscles softly as he pulled her groin up to his face. He took his time to lick every millimeter of her plumping flesh outside, laving at it... pulling one lip gently between his teeth, then the other, and teasing his tongue just between them before ever moving any further inside.

He finally plunged his tongue all the way in, teasing her searing entrance, up over the path of nerves that led to her clitoris, then lingered there for a moment before releasing her fully and glancing up at her once more.

"I have a question," he informed her, trying not to chuckle at the angry glower that her flushed face acquired as she opened her eyes again.

"*What*?" she spat.

Angel cocked a wry eyebrow at her. "Now, is that any way to turn on your mate?"

"What. Is. Your. *Question*?" Buffy barked as she slowly sat up, bracing her weight behind her on her elbows.

"I was wondering," he began, affecting an innocent tone as he pressed a gentle kiss to her inner thigh, "Just to be clear. Do you want really raunchy, dirty 'Penthouse Letters' talk, or poetic, romantic, gentle love words?"

His lover answered unequivocally with a growl, and dove on him, knocking him flat on his back as she climbed astride his thighs. Rubbing her rampant wetness over the silk of his pants, he could feel her arousal, so hot that it nearly seared his skin right through the material. She growled,

"Dirty, smutty, filthy, disgusting fucktalk that would make *Faith* blush," she snarled.

He grinned as he reached up to fondle her breasts. "Oooh. Faith."

Which earned him a none-too-gentle, full-out bite to his pectoral.

"OW!" he objected... half-heartedly, "I was just kidding."

But Buffy had already felt his hard-on throb in response to the rough treatment, so she lunged back down to sink her teeth into the other side, eliciting another jump from the hardness rubbing against her belly.

"You are the *worst* liar," she purred, and commenced nibbling her way down his torso. Now it was Angel who moaned helplessly, thrusting his hips upward to urge her lower.

"Do you like that, baby?" she murmured, dipping her tongue into his belly-button. "You like a little pain with your pleasure?"

"Mmmmm... yesssss..." he hissed, winding his fingers in her hair. "Bite me again."

She quickly obeyed, latching on to the sensitive skin connecting his abdomen to his groin.

"Like that?"

"Harder," he moaned, pushing her face closer. "Bite me harder."

"Whatever you want, my love," she replied, and bit the hollow just inside his right hipbone.

"OH GOD!" Angel yelped, "Buffy... I love the way your teeth feel..."

"What about my nails?" she asked, running them firmly down his sides.

"Ungh. Them... too..." he gasped

Buffy hooked her fingers into the waist of his pants and began to pull them down his long legs, nibbling the exposed flesh with her teeth as she went. By the time the clothing had been tossed aside, he was shivering uncontrollably beneath her.

"Your skin is so cool..." she whispered. "You taste so clean... so soft." Licking the insides of each leg, she continued her narrated journey over his delicious body. "It gets me so hot to watch you shiver like this... to watch your cock get harder and harder as I turn you on more."

"Yes..." he whispered. "Your lips almost burn me... God, love, you set me on fire."

She finally reached his crotch, and darted her tongue out to flicker over his balls. "Your whole body flushes when I do that... especially here," she observed, and licked a slow circle around the root of his hard-on. "You're so big... I can't wait to feel it inside of me... stretching me until I feel like I'm going to split in half."

As she suckled on his testicles, he groaned, "Oh god... your mouth... there' s no...ahhh, yesss... way to describe how good what you're doing... uhhhh... right now... feels..."

"Better than this?" she purred, laving around the bulging head of his shaft, then sealing her lips over the top and sucking fiercely.

"NO!" he cried out, clutching her hair, "No... that... oh... that's so good." Angel forced his eyes to open and watch her as her lips wandered slowly down his shaft, until he was sheathed so far, he could feel the back of her throat. "God, that's beautiful," he rumbled, "I love to watch you take me in... love... disappearing inside your mouth... inside your body. Oh... suck harder. Please."

Buffy was unable to speak around the more-than-a-mouthful of his hard, velvetsteel cock, so she simply hummed, knowing that the vibrations from her throat would get...

"BUFFY! YES!" he cried, throwing his head back. "Uh! Don't stop! Please don' t stop!"

She didn't, continuing to hum as she brought her tongue into play, slowly drawing him out of her mouth, trailing her tongue firmly along the underside of his length, then sucking the head, flickering over the tip, and sinking him deep once more. Slowly increasing her pace with every thrust of his hips to meet her, she wrapped her hand around his substantial girth, stroking him with fingers and mouth until the sounds he made were so feral, so primal, they were barely coherent any longer. She watched his head thrash back and forth on the pillows, his perfect face drawn in a grimace of bliss, and she could feel his erection throbbing harder and faster in her mouth as he grew near his peak.

She gently pulled her mouth away, but continued her measured stroking with her hand. "Come, baby... don't hold back. I want to taste it in my mouth. I want to swallow you down until you can't give me any more."

And she dove back onto him again, his hips jerking spasmodically as he began to lose control. "Yes! BuffygodyesyesyesI'mgonnaohgodcomeyesyespleaseplease! GOD! BUFFY!" he bellowed as he slammed involuntarily up into her face.

Buffy couldn't help but moan as she felt his cock jerk in her mouth, spurting the cool liquid of his pleasure deep into her throat. She drank him eagerly, as she always did, and almost giggled to think that she'd once thought of herself as a spitter, not a swallower.

With him, the swallowing was almost the best part of all. She could feel his coolness settle in her belly, and paradoxically make her body so hot she thought she might disintegrate.

As Angel recovered from what had been a fairly earth-shattering orgasm, he peered through heavy-lidded eyes to watch her ascend his body, her face marked with hunger.

"Don't hurt me," he chuckled in mock fear.

Buffy lowered her sopping sex onto his semi-hard member, and gave her hips a slow, erotic twist.

"You sure about that?" she cooed.

"No," he gasped, feeling all the borrowed blood in his veins rush straight back to his groin once more. He put his arms around her, pulling her hot flesh tightly against him as he attacked her salty lips.

Buffy writhed against him, stimulating her aching lower body against his rapidly re-hardening member. Their tongues tangled and circled each other, teasing palates and blunt teeth until she pulled away for a desperately needed breath.

"Do you know what I like?" she whispered, brushing his mouth with her own, and tickling her fingertips up the sides of his trembling form.

"What do you like?" he sighed, returning the kiss and the caress, tracing the graceful curves of her strong back.

"Vampire stamina," she growled, closing her thighs tightly around his hips, grinding herself against him. "I like that you're hard again already." The next twist of her hips brought him in direct contact with her throbbing nub. "Oh, and I love that. God... that feels... so good."

Angel smoothed one hand to her ass and squeezed, pulling her still closer.

"I can feel your clit against me," he groaned, urging her to keep grinding against him. "You're hard ... throbbing and dripping wet. And I can smell you. Like a musky flower... so... hot..."

"Mmmmm... yesssss...," she sighed, riding him as her pleasure increased. "Angel... I could come just like this... Oh god... that feels... ohhhh..."

"Yes, baby... I love to making you feel good. How you start to shake like that." He slipped his fingertip between her cheeks, sliding it down until he was awash in her volcanic juices. "You keep getting wetter. The muscles inside you start to pulse and flutter. That feels so good around my cock when I'm buried... deep... inside you." He moaned softly as he sunk two fingers into her. "You could crush me with those muscles. I want you to crush me."

Buffy thrust harder against him, over his cock and onto his plunging fingers as she hurtled toward her crisis. "Any way you touch me feels so good," she cried breathlessly, "Ohgodsogoodsogoodsogood . . . ANGEL! Yes, Oh, GOD YOU'RE SO FUCKING GOOD!"

He claimed her head with his free hand and pulled her face down for another devouring kiss. "I want you to come against me, Buffy," he moaned, "I want to feel you all over me. My hand, my cock... God... your body is so incredible."

Her pace grew frantic. "Yes. Angel. Harder. Harder. More. Please! More!"

"More what, lover?"

"Fingers... more fingers... more... inside. GOD!"

Angel happily complied, thrusting three digits into her, feeling her throb and shudder around them as he slammed inside, grinding her down hard against his crotch. The sensation of her hot, wet body writhing on him was enough to make him climax again, but he held back... the next time he let go, he fully intended to be buried inside of her.

"Angel... oh god! I'm gonna come! Baby, that's so good!" she cried, her voice growing louder and more desperate, "Don't stop! Don't stop! GOD! ANGEL, YES! YES! NOWNOWNOWNOWNOWWWWWWWW!" she screamed as she exploded, impaling herself on his hand.

With a growl, he immediately flipped her onto her back and slid down her quaking body, plunging his face quickly between her legs to devour the fragrant juices that gushed from her core.

"You taste like Heaven, Buffy... better than chocolate. Better than blood." He dipped his tongue back into the seemingly endless well. "Your flavor is so perfect," he moaned as he continued to lap at her, thrusting his tongue deep and drawing it out, over her quivering clit, "I could eat you all day. And all night. Forever."

His lover's moan was almost pained. "But... heart attack. Death by orgasm," she panted.

He paused. "Do you want me to stop?"

Before she could answer, he delivered a agonizing series of butterfly quick flickers to her nub, eliciting a long, keening cry as she instantly came again.

"NOOOooooooo!" she shouted, winding her fingers in his hair. "I don't ever want you to stop! Kill me! I don't care!"

He laughed, repeating the tongue-motion, then closed his lips firmly around the pulsing bundle of nerves for a moment. "Then you have to tell me what I' m doing... and how it makes you feel. This is about erotic talk, remember?"

Of course, he didn't mention that he was having a difficult time talking himself, because his erection and the demon were engaged in a screaming match that almost drowned out his voice. Of course, both parts of his being were in total agreement... and not for the first time.


"Oh... kay," she panted, arching her back, "Just... don't... stop..."

"I won't, as long as you keep talking," he promised, and got back to work. "Tell me what you want me to do," he urged, pressing a soft kiss to her outer lips, then gently parting them between thumb and forefinger.

"TONGUE!" she yelped.


"A-around... the... outside..."

"Like this?" he murmured, and languidly circled the very edges of her flushed entrance.

"UH! Uh huh!" Buffy cried.

"No grunting. Words," he reminded her.

"Tongue. Good. Circles. Inside. Just a little," she stammered.

"Good girl," Angel praised, and quickly complied, dipping the tip of his tongue into the tense ring of muscle, drawing it around in a small circle, then pulling out again to repeat the process.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh..." Buffy moaned... "Yessss... your tongue feels... oh... good... so... keep... oh... doing that. Just like that. Just like that."

Her incoherent ranting only managed to turn him on more, and Angel wondered if he could keep this up without jumping on her and ramming himself into the place where his face was now occupied.

"Do you like it better here," he murmured, tickling the very tip of his tongue around her pulsing entrance, "Or here?" He licked long and hard up to her clit once more.

"There! THERE!" she cried out at the second action.

"Where, baby? Where do you want my tongue? Tell me..."

"Ahhhhh... my clit... lick it... please. SuckitteaseitohgodAngelpleaseAngelyes..."

He gave a self-satisfied grin as he complied, tracing lightning quick circles around the hard nub, until her hips jerked and shuddered beneath him. Then, he sealed his mouth tightly around it, suckling it like a nipple between his lips, barely flicking the tip with his tongue.

"Yes... yes... suck it... Angel... oh GodGodGodGod..." she chanted mindlessly, nearly yanking his hair out as she pulled against his scalp. "Oh... your mouth is so cool socoolsocoolcoooooollll... ohhhhh... that feels... oh god... don't stop. Finger me. Please. Finger me hard..."

It seemed to him that his delicious lover was a natural at dirty talk, whether she was aware of it or not. He personally was a big fan of erotic noise... especially the sounds that she made. He continued sucking and licking her clit as he eased one finger into her grasping heat, sliding slowly in and out, not too hard or deep... yet... just enough to caress the fluttering walls.

"Mmmmmooorrrrreeee..." she moaned, thrusting her hips up into his face.

He pushed another finger inside, and increased the pace of his thrusting, just a little, plunging deeper with each stroke, and pulled his face away.

"Is that good, Buffy? Do you want more?"

"YES! MORE! HARDER!" she yelped.

"I'm going to fuck you with my hand, baby. I'm going to put all my fingers inside you... right now..." he informed her, and did just that... four fingers immersed in her shuddering passage, pounding progressively harder in time with her rapidly accelerating heartbeat. He pressed his face back to her folds, and took her clit into his mouth once more, now nibbling on it gently as well as sucking. Her lower body spasmed with the pleasure of it, lifting them both off the bed as she began to keen, a long, pained wail that signaled her impending explosion.

And he knew just how to bring it on. He crooked his fingers slightly to tickle the roof of her channel, massaging that one supersensitive spot that would send her screaming into oblivion, and began a series of long, firm laps of his tongue over her nub.

"OOOOHHHH MY GAHHHHHHDDD AAAAANGEELLLLLLLLLL!" she bellowed at the top of her lungs, her entire body going completely taught, every muscle pulled into a rigor of pure pleasure.

In a burst of preternatural speed, he climbed her body, sheathing himself deeply in the vise grip muscles his fingers had just vacated. They clamped down around his raging cock, and he very nearly lost it right in that moment, as her orgasm claimed his body as well her own.

"Buffy..." he groaned, dipping his head down to claim her slack lips. Their kiss became a rut in its own right, their tongues twisting together, fucking one another's mouths. She sucked his hard... bit down slightly as she continued to come, arching her body up into his to meet his rending thrusts.

"Angel... I love ... lovelovelove...having you... inside me... God... you're so hard!" she cried, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling herself closer. "So good so good baby... ohhhh... yes..."

"Mmmm... you're so tight," he growled, his eyes slipping shut as his self-control slipped away. "I fit just right... inside you... your muscles... god... squeeze me..." As they did, he pounded into her, raising his weight on his hands above her to give him a better angle. Her eyes flew open to train on him as they reached a matching rhythm... he drove in, she arched up... he withdrew, she pulled back, until they were a perfect machine of slick, interlocking parts and electric ecstasy.

Without warning, she pushed him backward, earning a moan of protest as he slipped out of her heat. But the protest abruptly ceased as she got down on her hands and knees, offering her rear.

"Fuck me like this. Like an animal," she commanded. "Fuck me hard."

It took less than a second for him to take a bruising grasp on her soft hips, rise up to his knees, and pull her back onto him with a guttural shout.

Buffy arched her back, once again matching his punishing pace as he drove into her, impaling herself on him harder, faster, and deeper. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her upright before him, and she let her head fall back on his shoulder. Angel grunted as he slammed up and into her, and she rode his rending thrusts. Winding her hand around his neck, she murmured,

"Drink me. Angel... I want your teeth in me... I want to feel you sucking my life right out of me... please. Bite me. Take me..."

With a snarl, he felt his face change of its own accord, and lowered his already slathering mouth to where her pulse pounded in the big vein where his mark had scarred her.

"Yes... I want to taste you. You taste like life and sunshine and magick... your blood is so rich..." he growled into her neck, laving long lines up and down her artery with his tongue. "Do you know what Slayerblood does to me... what your blood does to me?" He thrust harder into her, pressing one hand flat against her belly while the other pinched and teased her nipple... his entire body pulsing, begging for the feed, release from the blissful tension that threatened to consume him. "Do you know what it means to have you offer yourself like this?" His last words were still animal, but soft... the hum of a mate's rutting speech.

"My life is yours..." she gasped, urging his face closer. "It's all yours."

"I love you," he growled, and struck, sinking his fangs into her offering.

She screamed as he violated the soft flesh, and her life's essence pumped out of her and into him, and he gave as good as he got, fucking her harder, deeper, faster as her charmed blood shot over his tongue, down his throat, and spread through his entire body in an instant, setting already screaming nerves on fire.

Buffy held his head tightly to her neck, impaling herself on him, fangs and cock, her whole reality fading to nothing but the places where he was driven deep into her, her heart thundering to fill him, her sex milking him, and she was comingcomingcomingcomingcoming...

Angel held her fast as her orgasm rocked her, and the sound of her glass-shattering wail of pleasure hit him everywhere at once... body, heart and soul, man and demon possessing her as one, and both exploded. He tore his mouth from her throat, threw back his head, and keened her name...

As so often happened with a particularly mind and body-numbing coupling, he blacked out for a moment. When his consciousness cleared again, they were curled up around one another at the foot of the bed, having collapsed pretty much where they were. Buffy nuzzled into his neck, and he pulled her tightly against him as she cooed with the aftershocks of their pleasure.

"I think that was pretty erotic, don't you?" she whispered, peering up at him with a sated little grin.

He gave a weary chuckle. "I think it's safe to say that we've mastered the fine art of erotic talk."

Buffy brushed a soft kiss to his shoulder. "You want to know what the most erotic thing you've ever said to me is?"

Angel turned just enough to glance down at her, and brushed a wild hair out of her flushed face. "What's that?"

Her expression was soft... her eyes teary. "When you tell me you love me."

He smiled... a gentle, contented smile, and whispered, "I love you."


The End. *G*


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