by Christie

Pairing: Angelus/Cordelia
Rating: NC-17
Content: Violence, Smut/Angelus POV
Spoilers: Eternity
Summary: Set during Eternity, Cordelia experiences Angel's alter ego.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, and belong to Twentieth Century Fox, all rights reserved. This story is not for profit.


Rebecca: Well, I may have given him something to help loosen him up, and now he's...
Cordelia: Loose?
(Excerpted from "Eternity")



The chains bind me, but still I struggle. I sure as hell ain't giving up, just to fall asleep and wake up as the all sainted Souled One. Fucking gotta put a fight into it at least! I'm Angelus for hells sake! The baddest vampire in all the land! It's a shame to be locked up in the wuss' body; an unfuckenbelievable waste of time. And god damn embarrassing to boot.

I try not to act shocked when Cordelia suddenly appears in the room, but I am. I shoulda been paying attention. Shoulda known before she even--shit, she's a hottie. I've always thought so, and often wondered what it would be like to get into that bitches pants and fuck the snob right out of her.

I know exactly what Angel's been doing with her for the past couple months. At least the poofy prick is finally having some fun in his miserable servants existence. But he sure as hell isn't doing her justice. All sentiment and affection. The girl needs some good old fashioned physicality. She needs the fucking of her life is what she needs. And I am just the vampire to give it to her.

Now, if I can convince her to let me go, I could pay homage to all stuck-up rich prissy bitches, and get my rocks off at the same time. I should have found the Soul's leather pants. She fucking loves those things. Probably gets wet just thinking about em.

Yeah yeah, we exchanged words earlier. Maybe she's over it. At least I wasn't lying. She sucks as an actress. I mean, what the fuck? Angel can't find his balls long enough to tell her that? Hello, one day someone's going to and she's gonna be all weepy over why the Sainted One wasn't just honest with her in the first place.

Fucking idiot he is. I really can't stand him. But doesn't matter. I want a piece of this tight little body, and I'm gonna get it or go down swinging. Shit, I know this drug ain't gonna last forever. Might as well do a bunch of stuff so that the Soul's got lots to feel bad about later on.

Ya gotta take pleasure in the little things, you know?

So I'm looking at her, and she's just looking back, all hot to trot in those red leather pants. Little yellow tank top held up by puny leather straps. God, this girls just beggin' for it.

"You're awake," she finally says. Her voice sounds dead. Shit, that means she's still pissed at me for earlier. I wouldn't have been so mean if I'd known I'd have wanted to get laid later on. But really, I meant to bite her right there. I was just having a little fun before I did it. Animals do that, you know? Play with their prey before they make the kill.

Its cruel, its torture. I love it. Man, I love being a vampire!

Just makes me more pissed that I know my time in freedom is short-lived. Fuck. I've gotta get this girl to unchain me.

"You're still evil?"

Now why the hell would she ask me that? Do I look like the miserable Soul? But I don't yell at her stupidity, even though I want to. I want her to sit on my cock more.

"You're lookin' damn good, Cordelia. Did I mention that before?"

Shit, its as close to nice as I'm ever gonna get. I just gotta depend on that deep-buried whore I know is inside of her to win over and emerge. I can smell her blood, it's rushing and so damn hot I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I swear I can smell something beyond that, beyond the fear, and I hope to the devil himself it's arousal.

Could just be mine though. If I keep thinking about her blood and her fear, I'm gonna bust through these annoying Armani pants.

Fucking unbelievable how pretentious Angel is when you really get down to it. Stupid prick, moaning and groaning about the evils he's done, the retribution he has to make, all the while walking around in fucking $300 pants. I guess he's atoning for the economy too.

She hasn't answered, but her gaze is focused on my crotch, and I know my boner is hard to miss. I can't read the expression on her face, but it doesn't matter, because that smell is stronger now, and she is aroused. The little bitch is hot for me and damned if I'm gonna let this opportunity pass me by.

"Why don't you untie me, Cordelia, and I'll show you what you're missing with the whining Soul you're wasting your time with."

She shakes her head and looks at me.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, the guy can fuck, but you've gotta be wondering what you're missing."

Still, the poor little rich girl doesn't speak. I should be grateful, cause when she does I want to shove my dick in her mouth just to get her to shut up. She moves toward me though, fiddling with the button on her pants. Its gotta be getting awfully hot and wet in that little tight crotch of hers. Especially in leather.

Her scent overpowers me when she suddenly pulls the pants down her legs and kicks them away.

I growl at the sight of her. God damn, hotter than I fucking imagined. Black lace panties, so typically Cordelia, come off next and she's bared to me, only her tank top remaining. Shit, I had no idea it would be this easy. Maybe I'd given the Soul too much credit. She wants to be pounded.

"I'm not unchaining you," she announces, getting onto the bed and straddling me. The chains rattle and she looks behind her, as if expecting Wesley to walk in at any moment. I want him to. I'd love to see the look on the pussy's face when he sees Cordelia bouncing around on top of me, getting the ride of her life.

I want to argue with her about the chains, but I don't, for now. Let her get her taste, then I can convince her of what I can do for her if I'm free. Right now, I can't take my eyes off her pussy. Shit, it's just waiting to be eaten out. She probably tastes as good as the Slayer. Maybe better. Something about the ones with the worst reputations. Always the tightest holes. Poor, misunderstood little bitches.

She's rubbing up against my cock now, and it's all I can do to yell at her to get these fucking pants off. I'm just growling, I think. I mean to be saying stuff, but I don't really think I am. She likes the growls. Smiles every time I do it. Turns em on every time. I think deep down inside every girl wants to fuck a lion.


There's a word I manage to form. She doesn't acknowledge me, but moves her little hands to my pants, finally. Can't really take them off, with the chains all the way across my legs, but she manages to wrestle them down far enough to pull my dick out without getting it caught in the zipper.

Fucken thank you for that.

Her hand is so hot and my cock is barely warm, even with the blood in it that's making it hard. She doesn't hold on to it for long, raising herself up and guiding me into her tight, wet hole. I don't think I've ever fucked this gently before. I'm impatient. This must be what she's like with the Soul. Except a lot more kissing, a lot more foreplay.

I never went in for foreplay myself. If I'm hard, I want to fuck, that's all there is to it. No sense dragging it out; just makes the time between getting hard again and fucking again longer.

Once I'm in her, I lurch up, but it doesn't do much. Wesley might not be good for much, but he knows something about chaining a man to a bed.

Now, there's a thought I might want to explore further if Cordy here ever frees me.

She seems to take the hint and starts fucking me, hard. She's already panting and she leans forward so her clit can rub against me. I can feel her breath against my neck and all I want to do is lean my head up and bite her.

But I don't. Not yet.

Fuck, I feel helpless. Is this what its like to get raped? Except I'm liking it. But I want to put my hands on her. I want to flip her over and pound her into the mattress until she screams. But I can't do any of that.

She seems to be doing fine on her own.

Stupid bitch. She's taking advantage of me is what she's doing.

She's about to come, I can tell. I'm not even close. Maybe if I wasn't thinking so damn much about what I wasn't doing, I'd have enjoyed my cold dick being sheathed in that hot little channel. Shit, don't tell me the miserable Soul is wearing off on me.

"I fucking hate you!"

Cordelia screams it as she comes and I can't help but laugh. Yeah! That's what I like to hear! Now I could seriously think about enjoying this. She's got to unchain me. She slumps over and I wish I could shove her off me. What the hell, does she think we're gonna cuddle? No fucking way. But my dick is still in her which is better than not, I guess.

"Unchain me, Cordelia and I'll make you feel a hundred times better than that just did."

She lifts her tight little body off me and I growl as my dick comes out of her hole. God damn it. She's a mean one, ain't she? She better not even think about leaving me here, all hard and cold with her juices spread all over me. The look on her face tells me she might do just that.

No fucking way.

"Give me one good reason I should unchain you, you mean, horny bastard. If you bite me, Angel's gonna be pissed."

I want to laugh, but I don't want to piss her off any more. At least not while I'm still chained to the bed. I don't care how fucking pissed off she gets after I'm free. The madder the better. Makes her pussy that much hotter, her blood that much sweeter. I want to tell her Angel's gonna be pissed for what she just did -- doesn't she think of us as two separate entities sharing one body? I could swear that's the bullshit she spews whenever the Soul is feeling guilty for being what he is, a badass vampire.

Doesn't that make her technically cheating on him? Okay, not technically, but if she's so adamant that Mr. Superhero isn't me, and she just fucked me, then...

Hey, I ain't gonna be the one to bring it up.

"One good reason huh?" I say, trying to ignore the pain my cock is in. Jutting up out of these expensive pants, just waiting to be touched. How pathetic. I could bite her just for making me embarrassed. Maybe if I'm real nice, she'll give me a handjob and I can ruin the pants. Shit, that'd be enough for me.

"I'll give you one good reason," I growl. It's not to sound mean, but for good measure. She hasn't put her pants back on, so I figure I at least have a shot of pulling this off. She's just kinda sitting there, on the side of the bed, naked from the waist down. I'm sort of glad she hasn't taken off her shirt. Might make me even more hard than I already am, and since I can't even get enough freedom to jerk myself off, it would just be torture.

"If you unchain me, I'll put my cold tongue on your burning pussy for as long as you want me to. Until you've come, over and over and over, and you just can't come one more time. Then, I'll make you come again. I'll lick every inch of you, until you beg me to stop."

God damn, was I trying to torture myself? Shit, just the thought of doing all that to her makes me want to jerk myself into oblivion.

"You'd do all that before you got off? Angelus, I find that hard to believe."

At least she's smiling. That's a good sign.

"It's awfully generous," she continues, as though she really is pondering the offer. "Maybe Angel is rubbing off on you."

Bitch. Now why did she have to go and insult me?

She stands now, walking around to the head of the bed. I can smell her so strongly now, and it makes me gnash my teeth together. She pretends like she doesn't notice, but I know she does. She loves those low growls coming from my throat, the same ones the Soul makes when they're getting it on. Doesn't she realize those sounds are me? Probably not. Probably wouldn't notice anything past a sale at Bloomingdales.

"Now why would I untie you to eat me out, when I could just get up on the bed like this," she gets up on the bed, swinging one long leg over my head, "and sit on your face like this?"

She doesn't, but I practically dare her to. So now she's just hanging there, in the air above me. I'm just staring at her swollen pink lips, wanting so badly to bite into one of them.

"How do you know I won't bite you?" I ask. Can't help it. Little Miss Needs a Fuck has to untie me. "Could be pretty damn painful."

She scooched down, sitting on my chest instead of my face. Bad choice, darling.

"You're right," she muses, pretending to look all thoughtful. Or maybe she really is being thoughtful. Hard to tell what gets the Prom Queen's brain working these days. "How do I know you won't bite me even if I do unchain you? This is probably a bad idea."

Shit. She turned that one around on me right quick. She's right to worry, there's no telling what I might do when she's all vulnerable, legs up in the air, screaming my name. I've bitten women there before, who's to say I wouldn't do it again.

I've gotta find some way to earn her trust.

"Get up here," I growl, wondering if I look as mean as I sound. "With my arms chained down, I can't hold you here, so if I do bite, you can pull away faster than I could hurt you. Let me taste that sweet little pussy of yours, you'll see how good it can feel, and if I keep my end of the bargain you'll unchain me for one gigantic, unbelievable, you'll never look at Angel the same again fuck fest."

She frowned. Probably shouldn't have brought up Angel. Damn. But all she says is, "no biting?"

"I ain't gonna bite ya, gorgeous." Not yet anyway.

So she scooches back up. Who the fuck trusts me? Apparently, a good old fashioned crotch licking is stronger than trust any day. I can live with that.

Then, she's there, all sweet and heady, lowering herself to my mouth. As soon as she gets close enough, I reach out with my tongue and swipe it along her outer lips. She shivers. Must be nice, if you're warm, to feel something cold lapping at you like that. Kinda like how good it feels to be so cold then to all of a sudden slide into a tunnel so hot and tight you feel like two polar opposites coming together and exploding.

Fuck. Just concentrate on the snack I'm having right now. No need to be getting any more hot and bothered than I already am. She's moving with my tongue now, using her hips to guide me wherever she wants me to go. I tease her open, licking softly at each fold until I find her center. Then, I plunge my tongue into her, as deep as it will go, and she lets out a loud yelp.

I think my teeth might have scraped her a little there. I'm ready to pull back, cause I don't want to fuck up my chances of getting to sink my cock into this tight little hole later on. But she doesn't lift herself, only grinds down further, practically whimpering as I fuck her with my tongue.

She tastes damn good, as good as I imagined her to taste. These girls from Sunnydale, they'll all made with something sweet, let me tell ya. All tasting like honey and ice cream and graham crackers. I swear, I could do what I promised I'd do, I could stay between these legs all day and just eat and eat and eat.

She seems to have other things in mind, because she pulls up suddenly, moving herself further down which moves me further up. She wants me to go for her clit already. Damn, sweetheart, I haven't even been down here five minutes.

I suppose she knows what I know too, this drug ain't gonna last forever. And I know Angel doesn't like to vamp out during sex. He does, but he doesn't like it, and he certainly makes no effort to stay that way for any extended period of time. The girls, they love the fangs. But the nancy boy just doesn't. Too bad he doesn't know what he's missing. If he was just willing to go the vampire route a little more often, his sex life would get a whole hell of a lot better.

Then again, perhaps he will know tomorrow when he wakes up.

Her clit is swollen and red already, and she pants as I take it into my mouth and suck on it, hard. I let my teeth run over it, just hard enough to bring a fresh arsenal of blood rushing to its surface. She might of screamed then, I'm not sure. I'm starting to want her blood, badly. More than I want the sex, more than I want anything.

To be safe, I release her from my teeth and brush my tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves. She likes that too. Why didn't I just bite her? What the fuck is my problem?

Deep down I know I wouldn't get farther than a few drops. She'd be up and off me like a bat out of hell. Pardon the expression. It's cheesy, I know. And I don't recall running into too many bats when I was in hell. The ones that were there weren't rushing to get out of there.

So I'm doing my duty, licking and sucking at her like a babe on its mothers breast. She's close to coming now, I can hear it in her whimpers. I turn my eyes upward and see that she's lifted her shirt and is rubbing her nipples against the wall behind my head. Fuck, she's got beautiful tits. She seems to know, cause she's got her hands cupped around them as she moves.

I'm a little too enthralled in the show to notice that she's coming until she stops moving above me and cries out. She doesn't yell that she hates me, and I'm slightly disappointed. But I return my attention to her little needy button in earnest, using this opportunity to make the tiniest of pricks with one of my teeth, and sucking the blood she probably has no idea is flowing from her. She's too damn caught up in the orgasm.

Damned if her screaming isn't gonna bring Wesley running.

He musta left, cause he doesn't show, and she finally slumps forward, gasping for breath. She's still sitting on my face, all ground into me and I briefly think it's a damn good thing I don't have to breathe or she'd just have killed me. I've stopped my tongue, stopped sucking on her altogether, but I move it just a little, swiping it down her inner lips until she squeals and jumps off me.

She's laughing, her legs are all shaky. She doesn't even say anything to me, just starts to unchain me.

Fucken-a, that had to be the easiest performance of my life! I'm about to be free again, for the few precious hours I have left. I've got to wreak some havoc in LA. I've got to tarnish Angel's credibility. Started with that actress bitch, now I'm moving on to good old Cordy. Once I'm done with her, I'll pay a visit to cop lady Kate, and finally, Wesley. See if he'll show me that big ol' pair of balls he grew.

I'm unchained now and I lunge at her, pulling her tight little body to mine. Shit, I still have my clothes on, I fucking forgot. If she senses danger, she doesn't show it, and I really don't smell the fear either. Yet. She just starts pulling at the buttons of the horrid shirt the Soul was wearing, struggling with them until they just snap right off. Then her hands are on me, all over my chest in fact, and she's left me to get the putrid pants off myself.

At least my cock's free, and I can feel every motion her warm body makes against it. She's in my lap, I can feel her hot wetness at my cock's base, and its length is rubbing between her warm belly and my cold one. Shit, this is good.

The pants don't take more than a few tugs to get down my legs, and when I'm free of them I flip us both over so that she's below me against the mattress. There isn't going to be any foreplay, sweetheart. But her legs are already apart and I wonder if she even expects it. Not that I really give a fuck. Using only my instinct, I plunge forward and bury myself deep inside of her.

She moans and starts moving immediately. The little whore, she loves it. So that's how it is. No holds barred. I pound into her harder than I can remember fucking anything in my life. She's screaming, crying, and loving every fucking second of it. Her tits are bouncing beneath me and I can't help but just look at them. Damn, she's gorgeous even if she is annoying.

I know this isn't going to last long. I didn't plan on it lasting all fucking night. I have places to go, friends to kill. Shit, I've got to bite her now. Maybe I'll turn her. She's a fun fucktoy and it would be a shame to kill her.

I get even rougher as I start to feel my cock jerk and get ready to come. She's got her long legs practically up over her head, I think that's her feet banging against the wall. Yeah, she's a good little fuck, this one. She's starting to pant again, and she puts her hand down between us to start rubbing at her clit. I sure as hell ain't gonna do it for her. I did my part, damn it. Instead I figure out how to lean forward and sink my fangs into her neck before she freaks out and jumps out from under me. Not that I don't like the chase. I do, but I really want to just bite her now.

Explosions burst behind my eyes, and I feel my seed start to pour out of me. This will be quick, little one. You won't feel a thing.

Her blood sings beneath her flesh, I can smell it, burning into my brain. I open my mouth, fangs bared, and pierce her neck. Several droplets rush into my mouth but I barely have time to enjoy them before my world goes black.



"Angel? Angel! Wake up!"

I can hear her, just barely, like she's calling for me at the very end of a long, long tunnel. I'm shaking, I'm cold. So very cold.


Louder this time, in my ear. I want to wince, but my face hurts. Everything hurts. Everything. Especially my soul.

My soul. The memories are dim, but they're roaring, like angry, unnoticed shadows. Shadows you wish to ignore. Shadows you wish to make disappear by turning on every light in the room. But they don't go away, and eventually, they show their ugliness to you.

I have to wake up. To fix...this? What?

"Angel! Oh God, Angel..."

My eyes open, and she's there. Like she should be, only more beautiful. Worried. Scared. Guilty? Why?


My voice sounds foreign even to my own ears. Hoarse. Like I haven't used it in some time. But I have. I've said things I should never have said. I meant them. Or, Angelus did. Angelus is a mean bastard. I know that. I keep him hidden as far away from the people I love as possible.

Apparently, tonight I failed.

Cordelia's naked. So am I. She looks...tired. There is a tiny bite mark in her neck. One you wouldn't even notice if you weren't looking for it.

I remember everything. I hate me. I hate her. I hate us.

I will be punished.

I love her.

"Get me chained up again."

It's not a request, but an order. I rise, intending to dress exactly as I had been earlier. I find black pants and a black silk shirt in my closet and put them on. I feel oddly relaxed. Like I've just had the orgasm of my life.

I hate me.

I lay back down on the bed, arms at my sides. "Chain me up like I was when Wesley left."

My voice sounds dead. It is. I am. My soul might as well be.

"No, Angel I'm not going to."

"Chain me up like I was when Wesley left!" I yell it, surprised at my own nastiness. Why should I be? Angelus is in me, is he not? He fucked Cordelia, did he not? He is me, is he not? Fucking bastard I am.

She nearly jumps back in fear. I've scared her. Not surprising, considering Angelus scares the hell out of her. As Angel, I vowed never to hurt her, never to scare her. What the fuck do those promises mean when I can't control my alter ego? And lets not kid myself. Alter ego? The demon is in me. The demon is me. Has been for two hundred years, and some change.

Her hands are shaking as she starts chaining me. The chains wind around and under the bed, and I suppose it was easier to do this with two people. With only her, she has to throw the bundle of chains under the bed and walk to the other side, crawl under to get it and bring it up and around me. But she's doing a good job. Just like before. She seems oblivious to her nakedness.

I don't watch. I don't want to get any sick pleasure out of this. I only stare straight up at the ceiling.

When she's done, I sense her standing next to me. She wants to touch me, but doesn't. Thank goodness.


Her voice is small, like a little girl frightened by what she has done. She should be. I am.

"Don't talk to me. Go take a shower and get cleaned up. Get dressed in the same clothes you had on. When Wesley gets here, sit in the chair like you've been watching me all night. Don't tell him about any of this."


She walks in the direction of the bathroom. I hear a slight sniffle, and can't help but think, 'good.' Maybe she knows what she's done. Maybe she knows the consequence.

Maybe not.

"Be glad I came to when I did, Cordelia," I call after her, unable to stop myself. "Angelus was going to turn you, then go to Kate and kill her, then to Wesley and kill him. All of that death, your friends, dead, because you unchained a monster for the fucking of your life."

I know I am to blame. I know I shouldn't rub her nose in it like a puppy who done bad. But I can't help it. I am, after all, a mean bastard.



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