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Rating : G


“Hey, got a cola or something? I’m dying of thirst!”

“God, I’m thirsty, someone put the kettle on”.

“My mouth’s so dry it feels like the Sahara – I must get a drink!”

“I’m parched!”

There are times that the demon is closer to the surface than others. When I hear Buffy’s friends – and Buffy too – announcing how thirsty they are, that’s one of the times that the demon struggles and writhes.

Thirst. They have no idea what the word means.

Thirst is like no other craving. No other need. It reduces all other sensations to murmurs in the background. Hunger, desire, even pain fade into greyness in comparison with Thirst.

I’ve had nearly a hundred years to learn to control my Thirst. But it doesn’t stop the feeling. It was easier before. Before I came back into contact with humanity. Now I am thirsty all the time. It’s even worse than I could have imagined, especially now that Buffy is getting closer to me every day.

When I gently move away from her, I can see she thinks it’s because of my desire for her. And of course she is right. Just not the kind of desire she understands. I want her – all of her – but I’m like a man lost in a waterless desert coming across an oasis. I know that I should only taste, sip, but once I start to drink I won’t be able to stop.

That phrase “Thirsting for blood”. I don’t know who coined it, but it accurately describes that howling need to rip and tear and suck and gulp, to quench that unbearable Thirst.

But I must bear it. And I will. But please don’t ever tell me how thirsty you are, because, believe me – you aren’t.

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