Author: Maren
Pairing: B/A
Rating: NC-17. This is straight-up porn complete with a little crass language. Hopefully that serves as a warning or an enticement.
Setting: Some future Halloween.

This is dedicated to a2zmom. It is a quick, unbeta'd little thing and I apologize in advance for any mistakes.


He watched through hooded eyes as she straddled his bare chest and reached over his head to secure his wrists to the bed frame. He felt awash in paradox—the silky smooth softness of the ties that held his arms firmly in place, the hot flesh of the woman on top of him interspersed with the cold black vinyl that adorned her in pieces meant to entice rather than conceal, and most of all the warring sensations of sedating desire and electric awareness that coursed through his nerve endings.

Angel wasn’t sure what the others would think about their hasty departure from the Halloween party, but at the moment he really didn’t give a damn. When he’d seen her emerge from their bedroom dressed in knee-high black vinyl boots and matching panties and corset that were secured with little tied strings, Angel had narrowed his eyes and prepared to make her forget they had a party to go to. Buffy had laughed at the look on his face and shaken her head as she pulled on a black vinyl coat that covered her from neck to mid-thigh. Then she’d picked up a riding whip and announced she was ready to go. He had swallowed thickly and prepared to tell her there was no way she was leaving the house like that, but one look from her told him she was taking her role as Dominatrix very seriously and he shut his mouth. Now he was naked beneath her and wishing she hadn’t left that whip out in the living room with the coat. . .

All thoughts of the party and the whip fled his mind as she finished tying him up and began to kiss her way down his body. She lingered briefly as his neck, kissing and nipping it lightly before moving down his chest and encircling his nipples with her tongue. Angel hissed in appreciation as she flicked them before biting down and laving them within the hot recesses of her mouth. Then she was kissing down his stomach, mapping each inch of his skin with her lips and tongue. As she neared his pelvis and his very hard sex, his eyes clouded in anticipation. She was so fucking good with her mouth.

Buffy paused when she reached his cock and glanced up to where he was straining to look down at her. A smirk danced across her lips before she followed it with the tip of her tongue, wetting her mouth until it was dewy with moisture. Angel held perfectly still as he waited for her to wrap the current object of his desire around him. Instead, she began to kiss his straining erection with little open-mouthed kisses, her tongue and lips tasting him but never taking him fully inside.

“Buffy . . .” he moaned, arching his hips to get closer to her teasing mouth. A gasp of half-agony/half-pleasure pushed through his lips when he felt her rake a fingernail along the underside of his erection. She withdrew her mouth completely and sat back.

“You’ll call me Slayer, or you’ll be gagged vampire,” she commanded. Angel’s eyes flashed in a combination of anger and desire as the demon inside him bristled at her domination while at the same time thrilling at meeting the only creature in any dimension he might let get away with it. A low growl rumbled from his chest, and she reached out a hand and used her nail to scrape across the tip of his cock, catching it in the glistening opening and pulling gently. His eyes flashed gold but he abruptly cut off the sounds and lowered his gaze.

“That’s a good little vampire,” he heard her purr, but now that he wasn’t silently challenging her with his eyes, his attention was drawn to the sight of her nearly-bare backside resting against the spiked heels of her long vinyl boots. She was sitting back on her haunches as she held onto him with the very tip of her finger, and he vaguely wondered if he’d ever seen such a decadently beautiful display. The smooth, impossibly tan expanse of her bottom was pressed firmly against the shiny black spikes that could easily double for weapons in an emergency, the bronze flesh turning white around the pressure points. Angel knew that when she moved, the blood would come rushing back to that flesh in a rosy red flush and he allowed himself to fantasize about ripping his arms free and sinking his fangs into the tempting globes before bending her over and ramming himself into her tightwetheat until she. . .

Angel was ripped out his fantasy by the sound of her voice.

“Look at me,” she demanded, and his eyes flew up to her face. He could see that she was trying to look cool and unaffected but he could hear the pounding staccato of her heart and smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. Buffy withdrew her nail and bent back over him, swinging her hair so that it tickled over his erection as she held his gaze with her own. “You won’t speak. You will do whatever I tell you to do,” she said. Angel watched as she lowered her lips and wrapped them around him. He groaned at the feel of her hot mouth engulfing his cock, her tongue swirling around the head and then laving the length as she relaxed her throat and took him so deep. . .

His hips bucked up once again and he lost himself in the sensation of her mouth and throat flexing around him. Her little hand curled around his balls and gently stroked. Angel moaned and strained against his ties, barely maintaining enough control to stop himself from ripping free and tangling his hands in her silky hair. God, he wanted her and he knew that she was wet and throbbing for him. He knew how good it would feel to bury himself inside her and lose himself between her thighs, his mouth and hands making her pulse and scream as she came around him.

But the ecstasy of reality was more than good enough and he concentrated on the wetheat of her mouth. Then she was moaning and taking him deeper and he was throbbing and tightening and so close to exploding. . .

He whimpered when her mouth was suddenly gone and she was crawling up his body until her lovely face was directly over his. Angel watched as her tongue slowly snaked out and touched her bottom lip before she drew the plump flesh between her teeth. Buffy’s eyes were dark with lust but tinged with something he usually only saw when he she was deep in battle. It was powerful and something uniquely Slayer and a shot of fear tinged with anticipation ran through him.

“You won’t cum until I tell you to,” she whispered against his lips as though she had never stopped enumerating the rules to deep throat his cock. He shuddered to hear the words slip out of her sweet mouth and felt himself grow impossibly harder. She closed the space between their mouths and teased his lips with hers before finally allowing his tongue access. Angel plunged it inside, eager to taste himself in the depths. He lost himself in the taste and feel of her and then, too soon, she was pulling away to sit up and scoot herself up his chest.

Angel swallowed and let out an involuntary groan as he felt her wetness slide across his stomach. He clenched his abs and smugly watched the pleasure flicker across her face as a gasp whispered from her lips. The smug look disintegrated as she continued her trek up his body until she was hovering on her knees directly over his face. Angel took a deep unneeded breath and drew in the scent of her, vaguely aware of the sound of bending metal as he strained against the wrist restraints.

Buffy tsked softly as she lowered herself until the wet shiny vinyl covering her sex was millimeters from his mouth while at the same time reaching slightly forward and pressing his wrists back against the bed. Angel was drowning in her scent and the sight of her lush flesh quivering on either side of his face. A sudden urge to turn his head and sink his fangs into the artery in her thigh made him growl as his face shifted.

“Are the rules clear, vampire?” She waited as he struggled with the demon who was raging at him to turn the tables and make her scream instead. Finally his face shifted back to its human form and he nodded, the motion causing his nose to bump into her heat. Buffy’s breathe caught in her throat and she rolled her hips. Then she was releasing his wrists and swinging over him, leaving him feeling bereft. She stood up beside the bed and fixed him with a hard glare. “Don’t disobey me. I can promise you’ll regret it.”

Angel thrilled at the possibility of making her honor her promise, but all thoughts of mutiny fled his brain as he saw her fingers move to the strings that held the scrap of black over her curls. Buffy untied the strings at each side and let the vinyl fall to the floor. He watched, mesmerized, as she splayed her hand across the tight muscles of her stomach and then, achingly slow, trailed her fingers down. . . down . . . down until her middle finger curled into her sex. An unnecessary pant made its way out of his lungs as he watched her finger pump slowly in and out. His hips moved in an inadvertent mimicry of her actions and she shot him a carnal smile before pulling her finger slowly out and up to her lips. Angel felt an unprecedented lust pulse through his body when he saw her draw the finger into her mouth, her lips pursing around it as she suckled it to the knuckle.

“Buf. . . Slayer,” he groaned, and unspoken plea lacing the deep guttural timbre of his voice.

Her eyebrows shot up at the sound of her name beginning to spill from his lips. When he caught himself, she smiled and nodded, her finger falling out of her mouth to trail down to the laces that kept her upper body encased in the corset. Angel licked his lips in anticipation and watched her fingers nimbly work the ties, trying to keep his attention off of the aching fullness of his cock. Inch by inch her skin peeked through the loosening ties and he yearned to lick and nip each bit of exposed sweetness. It seemed a lifetime had passed before she finally pulled the corset from her body, baring her gorgeous breasts to his hot gaze.

Buffy trailed her hand down her body once more, dipping into the velvet heat between her legs and drawing her glistening fingertip to her already-puckered nipples. Angel saw her wetness glint in the light of the candles and he tensed his arms, ready to finally rip himself free so that he could nibble it away as he fucked her into the wall behind her. She saw the intent in his eyes, however, and stopped him with the silk encased steel of her voice.

“You’ll stop fighting this right now if you want to feel my pussy on your cock.”

The moan that erupted from Angel’s throat was deep and desperate. His attention immediately shifted from planning escape to trying to control his sudden need to come apart right there just at the words coming from her mouth. He dropped his eyes for a moment and willed himself not to spill before she gave him permission.

She let him calm himself a moment before speaking again. “Look at me.” She waiting until his eyes met hers once again. “Are you going to be a good vampire now?”

“Yes. Yes, Slayer,” he murmured, ignoring the demon inside that was howling at his submission.

“Good,” she purred. Buffy held his gaze as she bent over to slide her hands over her boot-encased calves, giving him a view of the perfect globes of both her breasts and ass. His eyes roamed over the curve of her back side and down her legs until he could see her hands at the top of the boots. They paused in motion as she reconsidered, and then she was straightening once again, her feet still encased in the spiked-heel boots. They clicked as she walked back toward the bed and Angel’s eyes closed briefly as he concentrated on the sounds of her approach. Her heart was racing, her blood pulsing quickly through her veins, her breath coming in short gasps that she tried to hide from him in vain. Then her weight was settling on the bed and his eyes snapped open to watch her crawl on hands and knees until she was kneeling over him once again.

“Do you want to taste me, vampire?” she whispered.

“God yes,” he growled. Buffy’s eyes flashed with lust and she angled her breasts over his waiting mouth. Angel inhaled the scent of arousal that lingered on her nipple before snaking out his tongue to lave the diamond-hard tip. He arched up into her to capture it in the cavern of his mouth, grunting as suckled all traces of her wetness from the peak. Angel thrilled at the mewl that escaped from Buffy’s throat as she pressed further into his mouth. He licked and nibbled at the soft flesh as she moaned above him. “You taste so damn good,” he murmured into her breast, forgetting himself for a single moment.

It was enough. She pulled away and reached down to twist one of his own pebbled nipples between her fingers. He gasped, struggling once again not to explode from the twin sensations of her wet sex pressing against his stomach and the pleasure/pain of her touch. “Did I ask you how I taste?” Buffy questioned, not waiting for his reply before she continued. “I was going to let you taste my clit, but now I think you’ve lost that privilege,” she hissed, leaning forward and grinding her hips so that the nub in question rubbed against his stomach.

Angel bit back a roar of frustration, knowing it would only result in more torture for his throbbing flesh. Then she was moving again and he forgot about everything but the anticipation of feeling her sink down onto his cock.

“Lucky for you, I have very little patience,” she gasped as she poised herself over his erection, gripping it with one hand and positioning it at her entrance. Wishing his hands were free so that he could grasp her hips and plunge her down hard and fast, Angel watched her beautiful body hover over his as she slowly lowered herself onto him. Her eyes were squinted tightly shut, her plush bottom lip gripped gently between her teeth as she finally, blissfully, let him enter her body inch by agonizing inch. Angel wasn’t sure whose groan rent the air when he was finally seated all the way inside her. He didn’t care. All he cared about in that moment was the look of ecstasy on Buffy’s face and the incredible feeling of her hot wetness gripping him tightly. . .

Then she was moving and he was drowning in her. He knew the animalistic sounds that flooded the room must be coming from him, and somewhere inside where his mind was still working he hoped that she wouldn’t think they were signs of disobedience. Still, he couldn’t help the desperate arching of his hips as she undulated over him, one hand busily working her clit while the other raked over his chest. The scent of his blood hit him and his demon face emerged as he tried to control the spiraling frenzy of pleasure that threatened to push him into the abyss without her command.

Angel thought he was nearly at his limit as he watched her fingering herself above him, her face flushed, her eyes boring into his as she rode his cock. But when Buffy began to tighten and clench around him, moaning incoherently as she came with quaking contractions, he realized how wrong he was. His closed his eyes and grit his teeth, his fangs slicing into his own flesh as he used every once of vampire control to keep from exploding right along with her. Still, she kept coming and pulsing and he opened his eyes to see her reaching for the silk that bound his wrists, even in the throes of her orgasm.

He didn’t need any further permission. Angel ripped his wrists free with a roar and flipped them over in one fluid motion. He panted, his golden eyes glowing down at Buffy’s face, as he gave her a chance to complete her game before taking the choice out of her hands.

Buffy looked at him through hooded eyes. Then she was baring her throat, her voice a hoarse whisper as she shuddered beneath him.

“Bite me, and then you can cum, vampire.”

With a bone-deep moan he slammed his cock into her as his fangs pierced her neck. He thrust in time with his gulps, tasting her second orgasm sing through her blood at the same time that he felt her violent contractions squeeze him even more tightly than before. Angel retracted his fangs as he surged into her one last time, flooding her womb as he called out his submission.



The next morning, Angel quietly hummed as he brought his love breakfast in bed. His bare foot slid over something slick on the floor, and he smiled as he glanced down and saw the tiny corset peeking out from under the bed. He sat the tray down and bent to pick up the lingerie that littered the floor, placing the pieces with the boots that he had managed to slowly and torturously remove sometime during the night before.

It was a great costume, he had to admit. Still, next year he planned to dress her up as a harem girl.

He might have loved submitting to the woman he loved, but his demon had something to settle with her slayer.


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